Flames and Shadows.

I watched the candle burn in silence as I laid on my bed last night. Reeling from the shock of a terrible ordeal I had encountered, I kept wondering within me, how can a situation be so damn difficult to tackle. It felt like the situation was deliberately designed to confine me to the shadows.

It was quite disturbing.

The candle kept burning in silence as an avalanche of torrid thoughts pummeled my feeble brain.

Suddenly, my attention meandered its way to the burning candle, and for a moment, I thought It was beautiful.

I mean,  I knew this flame was probably dangerous, if not lethal, and trust me, I had no intention of discovering to what extent a damage it could cause, still,  just staring at it felt so right.  With its ember glow that lit up my room with different shades of gold, I, for once, could truly appreciate the beauty of everything I saw with my eyes.

It was quite fascinating, as I watched the flame danced with the wind,  but what trickled my curiosity was the dark shadow that laid bare on the wall.

Shadow?  Why shadow?  I asked myself.

In this room full of breathless possibilities, why shadow? In this moment when I could savor the beauty of everything, why this shadow? How dark could this shadow be?  How dark could it get? What is hiding beneath this shadow, or rather yet,  what is being confined to this shadow?

Questions, more questions and less answers filled my mind,  and just then, a quote I had received during one of my ‘weird’ moment, played in my head,

The brightest flame cast the darkest shadow; and most times too often, the most beautiful things of this world are hidden in those shadows.”

I blinked.

The greater the reward, the greater the challenge, and those whose will is to change the world are often surrounded by a dark cloud.

But,  must there be a shadow before we can discover ourselves?  Must there be a dark cloud before we can savour the rays of the Sun? Must the be evil so we can finally appreciate the good? Why can’t this world just be straight forward?

And then again,  it came to me,

But what would your good do if there were no evils? How would this earth look like if there were shadows?

Perhaps we humans would spin around like broken compasses, wobbling to and fro the earth like drunk devils looking for our destinations. Perhaps, we need to find our shadow in order to discover our light.”

So I thought within me,  appreciate every challenge life gives you,  these are rare gems.


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