The Struggle.

Serve me, serve me,
He says to me,
Serve me, do my will and obey me,
He bids me.

But I have a way that suits me,
And a method that pleases me,
A thousand and one plans have I prepared me,
And a head full of ideas thou gavest me.

Night and day my dreams play out before me,
And in the mid of the night, my intentions pleasure me,
To accomplish all and Network successful have I instructed me,
To make a name and leave a mark have I commanded me.

But He will have no excuse from me,
And His absolute will has he required from me,
To serve and to obey me,
Did He echo, will greatly please me.

But your will is too hard for me,
And your way so difficult for me,
Your burden looks heavy for me,
And I fear it will weary me.

Oh, what will it profit me,
And of what use will it be to me,
If I forego all that pleases me,
Just to do what you require of me.

Try me,
He said to me,
Test me and prove me,
Perhaps you will enjoy obeying me

Okay, tell me,
What do you want from me.

it’s a beautiful world.


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