Blood stains, teary eyes,
Broken Heart, a hurting spirit,
A heavy mind, a weary soul,
A broken hope, these are now my companions.

I thought I knew them,
So I helped them,
I thought I loved them,
So I saved them.

Fake smiles,
Back stabbers,
Heart breakers,
I thought I had seen them all.

These rebels turn devils,
Sit around at night in tight circles,
Together with mischief, acting like couples,
Lord, deliver me from their troubles.

Always taking and not giving,
Always wasting, yet not replacing,
They call me friend, yet a devil,
Lord, they’re trying to bust my bubble.

No one is complete,
But I don’t need them,
I know I am not perfect,
But Lord, I don’t trust them.

A thousand and one lonely night is safer,
Than a moment of laxity in their chamber,
Never a good deed do they gather,
Lord, this I will do well to remember.

it’s a beautiful world.


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