We Lost Our Way.


We hated what we were,
We wanted something so rare,
We despised our very being,
And felt our essence was befitting for the bin.

We longed to be set free,
Only to be imprisoned by the chains of our desires,
We wish we had it all,
Forgetting we had it once.

We had a gift,
So powerful a gift,
Yet like drunk babies,
Stumbling in the dark, we lost our way.

Our gift became our curse,
Cause we flew so close to the sun,
We are chained by our thoughts,
Cause we think we are meant to rule the world.

We live in constant fear of the future,
Expecting nothing but the worst,
Our hearts bleed while we smile,
Because we had no more tears to smile.

We lost it, we lost it,
Our way is lost, our head is gone,
How did we get here, how did we lose it,
Who will save us, and show us the way.

it’s a beautiful world.


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