Women Are Not So Complicated. Part 1.

For more than a decade, there is this widely accepted saying that women are complicated, and there is just no sure way of trying to understand them or keeping them under a leash to some extent. Well, to some point, this may be true, but what bothers me is the fact that nobody is trying to do anything about it. It’s like we have all resigned ourselves to such disturbing fate, and just hope we get paired with a less irrational one. No way! I for one, can’t live like that.

So I began my search for freedom and boy, it wasn’t so easy to finally
find a common ground in all ladies. To be sincere, you can’t use a selected few to generalized every lady, but what we can do is to find similar traits in most.

So here are some tips on how not to feel like a total idiot when the storm comes.

1. Don’t expect them to reason like you.  Trust me, don’t even try to think or make them think that they can or should reason like most men. It will not work. Now we know men are more of a logical being, while ladies are more emotional, so while we men tend to act based on what we have calculated, women prefer to act based on what they feel, using the line, trust you heart, it can’t deceive you, as a defense. Now, most times, they actually turn out to be right, and this can so agonizing, because they won’t allow us to hear the last of it, but in the long run, they end up frustrating the male species. Have you ever wondered why anytime you get into a debate with a lady, you both end up see the situation from different points, and most times, you ask, “can’t you think”. Relax, you can’t really blame her, because somewhere in her head, she is also asking the same question. While we want to be logical, to have an explanation for every action, they, ladies, don’t need a reason to some things, once they feel it in their hearts and then bones, forget it, they will do it. So guys, next time, you get into a debate with a lady, don’t just push it so much, because , they are not thinking the same way you are thinking, and trust me, they love it that way.

2. Women can’t be direct. In fact, they hate being direct. It makes them feel less in control of their lives. Getting close to a lady, you will understand that when they come across a guy who can easily understand them without stress, a guy who can spot and tell them all about themselves in and out without any difficulty, they start to feel so uncomfortable around that person, especially when they haven’t decided if they want to trust that person or not. In most cases, they can decide to lie or pretend, just to make you look stupid for once. Trust me, I am talking from experience. I wish I can share that experience, but I promised her I will keep it a secret when she finally opened up to me. Most times I just wonder, why not just be direct and let’s make life less unbearable, but I found out that, with they behaving like that, life won’t so much be as interesting as it is. Almost everyone loves mystery, myself included, so we just have have to let them spin around, make them feel in control, at least for the mean time, because most of them want to prove that this is not just a man’s world. So, next time you as a guy start getting mixed signals that makes you confused, chill, take a deep breath, and just play along. Your ability to play along, will determine what happens next, which of course, ladies believe they have to determine. They love being in control.

3. Don’t do unto women what they do unto you. Hell no! Don’t even play with the idea. Don’t. If you do, I can promise you one thing, the devils will practically come live in your home because you invited them. Yes, we know at times that these wonderful creatures called women can be so annoying, at times they do things that leaves us astonished, most times they hurt us in some weird manner and expect us to be cool with it, yea bro, I understand, but don’t in anyway think of you repaying them. Now we ask, why are they like that? Truth is, every  lady want that guy they can be totally free with, someone they can ”

make fun of”

in a weird romantic way. Now, while we guys see it as unnecessary, these ladies see it as sign that that they can totally depend on you. Remember, they don’t reason logically they way men reason, rather, almost everything they think and do has an emotional attachment. So, while we are wondering, what is she doing, just relax, if she was going to hurt you for real, she would do it without you realizing it.
Now that you know why she does the thing she do, don’t ever try to play the same card on her, it won’t work. Remember, she is not so logical like you think. You may mean no harm, but to her, you are capable of eating with the Devil.

To be continued.

it’s a beautiful world.


13 thoughts on “Women Are Not So Complicated. Part 1.”

  1. Hi,
    It’s nice that you made an attempt to understand a woman’s psyche but not to be offensive, you made a bit of a generalization. Not all women are essential emotional beings. Some women are also very direct, I tend to be direct.
    Even though I disagree with some of the post. It was a good one.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lol… Okay, first, so glad you read it. Second, I think at the beginning of the post, I mentioned that we can’t use a specific to generalize, so you are right if you say not all ladies are the same. Lastly, I think the whole idea of this post is to stir a little the pot of controversy. I guess it is working. ๐Ÿ˜€


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