Beautiful Imperfection.



Let us take a minute to imagine. (I love imaginations…). Okay, now, imagine you are complete. Imagine you are whole. Imagine you are perfect. Imagine that in every aspect of your life there is no iota of any shortcoming, and there is no need to strive against limitations or challenges. Imagine you are a symbol of perfection. Now, my question is, What’s Next?

Have you ever woken up with the feeling of having a great day? Or woken up feeling so excited that something good was going on happen? My question, Why?

Have you ever wondered what exactly makes life exciting and interesting. Daring, adventurous, and all those wonderful feelings you have? Have you ever wondered why you always end up looking forward to the next day, forgetting what may have or may not have accomplished? Have you ever wondered why you are so eager to get what you need or crave for?

Now, let me answer these questions.

I woke up one morning, (and trust me, I felt like going back to bed, please tell me, is there anyone who hate sleeping?), but I knew I had to be up. So, I picked my diary and glanced at the goals I had set down to achieve that day. As I mused on how to go about them, a question played in my head, why bother yourself with all these issues of setting and achieving goals, and almost immediately, I got a response. The answer, because we are imperfect beings who desire certain amount of challenges to prove to ourselves that we can be better.
For a minute, I called myself crazy. I mean, why would I want to wake up every morning with the eagerness of contesting against a challenge? Or why should I wake up every morning and pray for an obstacle to test my wits? I mean, is it not madness to pray for trouble, just because I want to or need to be better? Why can’t I just be perfect and forget about everything? Hmm, I kept wondering. Now I realize.

Life is beautiful, but the beauty of life is deeply embedded in the challenges we face, the obstacles we pull down, and the persons we become. Without these so called “troubles” life will be so dull and dumb, that at some point, we practically become useless to ourselves.
Without these challenges, we would have no reason to wake up every morning with anticipation of a better day. Without these obstacles, we would have no eagerness to chase after our needs and desires. We would practically have no reason to live.

We, being imperfect, have this knowledge that there are some aspects of our lives that needs a considerable amount of work, some areas of our existence we know we want to be better at, and we desire certain amount of “trouble” to put us on our toes. We, being imperfect, know that the beauty of life is in finding challenges and overcoming them. We, being imperfect, know that the day we stop having “troubles” that day we start dying, because there is nothing new for us to learn.

But why then do we strive to be perfect? Why then do we hope to be complete?

Now I realize, that as imperfect beings, it is our nature to desire for something we can’t completely have, and this is good.

We don’t need perfection, we desire perfection and these are two different things.

Understand that having a need is to feel empty, to feel the want of something essential for your survival, while a desire is having a strong attraction for something or someone. Now for need, you think without that thing, you probably won’t survive, and after getting it, you move on to something else. You realize that it is a one time thing, but for desire, you realize that you have a strong attraction for it, and even after getting it, you realize that you wish for more of it. Now, that is what we feel for perfection. We know it is not a one time event, we know it is not what we want just to satisfy our lust, no, rather, it is what we long for everyday.

Imagine having perfection as a need, and one day you get it. Now tell me, what else will you be living for?

I mean, what is the point of being complete if you don’t have a new aspect of your life to improve on? No more excitement, nothing to look forward to and nothing to have hope for. You practically become useless to yourself, and in the long run, end up becoming useless to people around.

Being imperfect, as strange as it may sound, is a beauty, because in it, we discover our true self. So, don’t run from life’s challenges, in fact, get plenty of them, you will discover the revelation about yourself will be so enthralling and beautiful.

Desire to be perfect, don’t feel the need to be one. For in being perfect, you have decided to stop living, and that is a curse.

If being perfect is a curse, I rather remain incomplete.

it’s a beautiful world.


5 thoughts on “Beautiful Imperfection.”

  1. Perfect? How can we imagine being perfect when there is no model of perfection in existence on this earth? How would we know how to be complete when there is no model for completeness either? We are as we are. All that comes with life is life as we perceive it. Someone else knows it differently. I would hope that people who strive for perfection and completeness learn at some point on their journey that it is a fool’s errand. Just Be. Enjoy. Do your highest and your best. Repeat!


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