Women Are Not So Complicated. Part 2..


So, I was contemplating if at all I should make a second post on this topic. Well, after getting some positive reviews, (and of course, some negative ones also), I have decided to do this. One of those was from my little cousin, (not that she is that little anyway, but I know I am quite older than her, even if it for a few months). So she called me up a day after making the first post and she was like, “hey cuz, what’s up with you”? Now, normally, whenever she starts like that, things usually get weird. So, I was like,” Err…. I am totally okay. What’s up?” I could her her chuckle a bit before she asked, “What in God’s world do you think you know about ladies?” O boy! Of course, I knew what she was referring to, and I wanted to know her own thoughts on it. So I pressed, “Hey, what do you think?” After laughing for half a moment, she responded, “Well, I find it amusing in a weird way, and yes, you made quite a few points in there, but you can’t be too certain”. O boy! That was it. You needed to have seen the way I was laughing. That was all I needed, and now, let me pray she sees this and hope for her call. Lol.

The saying, “Women are complex”, does not necessarily mean that women can’t be understood, or that women can’t be consistent. No, rather, it means that for you to be in sync with that lady of your dream, it requires some amount of dedicated efforts. Now, shall we?

4. Women can choose to lie to you, and yes, it for your protection. Honestly, this may seem weird, but truthfully, it is for your good, so don’t push it. Now, this is not me justifying any form of lie, no, in fact, don’t see it as a lie, see it as them withholding some damaging information. Imagine if all the ladies in this world decide to say what it is, as it is, oh my freaking goodness, this earth would have sunk a long time ago.
Now, there is a big difference between when a man tell a lie and when a lady do the same. Now, men tell a lie to save their head. Remember, men are more logical, so after much calculations, a man will come to the conclusion that if he dares say the truth at that moment, his life is in trouble (although, I wonder why men keep putting themselves in this position). For the women, who are more emotional, when they tell a lie, believe me when I say it is better that way. If she can’t see another way to put it or can’t find a subtle manner to say it, and she is being pressured to divulge, for sure, she will lie, and trust me, I am yet to see an exception. Understand this, not everyone is capable or mature enough to handle the truth at all times. Okay, don’t think I am recommending that they go about, choosing when to say the truth and when to lie, no, but if saying the truth at that time will hurt someone without repair, they refrain till a more convenient time, and for some weird reason, ladies understand this.
Have you ever been in a situation where a lady decided to say the truth, as it is? Especially when you know what you may hear could be terrible and damaging? How did you feel? Times like that, you start wishing they had just lied and save you the heartache. It is like, they can produce the most damaging effects a man’s mind can cope with, and this at times leave one wondering for a long time, that is, if one is able to recover at all from the shock of the truth.
Trust me, it is not nice to lie to people, but when a lady tell a lie at a particular time, just be rest assured, it is for your good.

5. Women love to talk. Honestly men, just be patient. Yes I know, most times this could be agonizing and unbearable, but this is one thing we can’t escape from. I don’t really know if this is a good thing or not, but this is one trait so predominant in them. In fact, on a second thought, I think it is a good thing that they talk a lot, and as weird as it may seem, I believe it is better this way. Now you may ask how? Let me show you.
Do you know why ladies talk a lot or argue so much (most times to a fault), it is because they care about something and someone, and as weird as it may seem, the moment they stop caring, they stop talking. Observe when a lady begins one of these episodes, there is something interesting you will see. To be honest, when a lady starts, if you look beyond the argument, you will notice the care in her voice, no matter how high it may be, the passion in her eyes, no matter how red it may look, and the love in her behavior, no matter how dramatic she may act, and all these are because she cares so much about you to let you know what she feels. The day she decide to keep mute on any matter, not minding what you do, good or bad, don’t be too happy yet, something is going wrong somewhere. Although, men get frustrated with the way they go about it, in thinking, talking, and acting. Remember, they are more emotional than logical, so the way they argue their case is quite a wonder to most men. Now you may ask, how then is this useful? Let me show you.
Understand this, the female mind is like a black hole. Trust me, you can never fully know what these women think unless they tell you. Keep a lady in your house who doesn’t talk, I can bet you, world War 3 will happen right there in your room and you won’t know until you are almost dead. When they don’t talk, I bet you, their heart is almost no longer with you, and when they talk, they are trying to pass a message. So when a women starts talking, see it as an opportunity to know what she is thinking and the message she wants you to know. Don’t pray for her to be dumb (honestly it is hard not pray this prayer), just pray for grace to be patient. Seriously men, don’t interrupt them (unless you want to prolong your torture), instead, allow them, and when they are through, just ask them calmly, “Are you done talking?”, when they are through, then you can explain your own points. I know this can be painful, but this is how to handle these episodes (unless you have a better idea, I want to know). So, women talk a lot, yes, it is because they care. See it as a chance to know how they feel.

To be continued.

it’s a beautiful world.


8 thoughts on “Women Are Not So Complicated. Part 2..”

  1. nice points yeah your right we love to talk when i get upset over something i will be quite or stop talking πŸ™‚ but your right women should not be interrupted it will be hell if anyone do it as they will roll there eyes and that was interesting to say women are black holes you can also say a mystery we like to give hints and its your luck to guess right if wrong we can be quite upset but will not say hahaah so anyway nice post πŸ™‚

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  2. I am definitely a talker. I am also very direct. I don’t like to beat around the bush. I don’t intentionally enjoy hurting anyone’s feelings, especially when I have learned these 60+ years that most people’s feelings are paper thin. The men that I have engaged with over the years tend to be quiet. They don’t say much. Most are great listeners, and some even use their emotions to express themselves. There are those who prefer a dominate personality, and others who shun it. When I do talk, I like to be saying something worthwhile, and I’m not much for arguing. I would describe myself as an open book, which some men love, while others would prefer I be more demure. Complex…I’m not too complex, just me!

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    1. Aww…. Just you! I love that description. Just as I stated in the first part of this topic, we can’t use a rule to generalize all ladies, but the few I have come across, gives a bit of a familiar trait in most ladies. I am glad you read it, really.

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