The Darkness.


The amber Sun, as I watched from my corridor, sank slowly over the horizon at the far end of the ocean, bringing to the end its illustrious tenure for the day and I thought within me, now will I see quickly from whence cometh the blanket of darkness that doth fill the entire heavens, but so quickly before I could remember the pronunciation of my name, I felt the strong grip of darkness firmly at my neck. I gasped for the air of reasoning, trying to decipher from what angle came this uninvited guest, I choked on nothing.

At its mercy, I wandered in the dark, stumbled over few objects and at one point, my face kissed the cold floor as I searched frantically for the matchbox to the lit a candle. When everything was settled, my reasoning returned, begging for answers, it poised a question, “why did it come so quick”?

As I mused on this silently, the candlelight went out as a result of the onslaught of the cold wind and in no time the darkness returned. Quickly, I put on the light and in a matter of seconds, my brain was lit up like a 4th of July and then I realized, the darkness don’t need come from anywhere, it is always around corner, waiting for the light to go out.

Now I can begin to understand why people sink so deep, hitting the bottom of depression once the beacon of their hope is gone. Everyone has a light in them, it could be a purpose in life, a person of importance or something worth living for, but to have the misadventure of losing this light can and will immediately confine such person to the chains of darkness.

Like it or not, it is not in our place to decide if we invite the darkness into our lives. Unlike the light, the darkness doesn’t need an invitation. It is always around, hoping, waiting and watching to see at what point we let our guard down.

Well, unfortunately for most, we never really appreciate the importance of this light until we lose our way in the darkness, and I am starting to think, maybe we all need a little moment of darkness to appreciate the light we have got.

And while we may go about, shining our lights so bright, understand this, that the brighter the light within you, the thicker the darkness around you, and it takes only a wrong move to switch off the light. 

There is light and there is darkness, and it is imperative that you make a choice because if you don’t, I can assure you, you really have no choice. There is nothing like a middle ground, it doesn’t exist. Okay, I am not a philosopher, but what I am saying is so simple, and it goes like this, there is light and there is darkness, anything in between is a lie.

To grandly end this, I say;
Keep the light. 



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