Blogger Recognition’s Award.


Honestly, I really don’t know if I am deserving of this recognition, but with gratitude, I want to appreciate a wonderful blogger, Flyingcolours603, for this. I know I should have written this a long time ago, I guess I was trying to be sure if I deserved it, heck, I am still not sure.

My journey as a blogger : Well, what can I say, it has been amazing, like really amazing. Usually I write just for the fun of it and most times, they are personal, but being part of the blogsphere has not only allowed me to share some of my thoughts with beautiful minds, it has also afforded me the chance of connecting with other beautiful minds. I get inspired and motivated every time I read a post from any blog and it is safe to say, I become more of a better person.

Why I started blogging: First, I must confess, a part of me did it out of boredom and another part did it out of fun, but then I realized a whole different world as I began to grow in it. Some people are out there who needs your thoughts to help answer a throbbing question and any day that goes without me blogging feels like letting someone carry that burden for another day.

My advice to new bloggers: If writing is what you do, do it with passion. Some days may feel like you have nothing to write, it is normal, just breathe Most times you may feel like you don’t have the time to blog, it is normal, but like they say, if you love something, you will create time for it.

In all, be honest and be consistent.

Thank you Flyingcolours603 for this award, you just made me wanna do more. Thank you. 

So, I nominate  for this award. 

The rules. 

1. Thank the person that nominated you. 

2. Talk about your journey as a blogger. 

3. Give an advice to new bloggers. 

4. Nominate another blog for this award. 


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