I am a big fan of Adele; there, i said it, and i am not hiding it. Having followed her closely from the time she dropped her first album till her third (her latest, I hope it wasn’t her last), literally memorizing every song (even though i got an awful voice), and wishing one day I would get the chance to have dinner with her (one item on my bucket list), I can’t help but feel like we are both in the same ‘place’. I am going to share something with you: something that has been with me since last year: something I could totally relate with.

Here is it!


Now, one beautiful thing that struck me is that, We spend so much time wishing for something and for everything, rather than realizing what we are and what we are becoming. And the hard truth is, the longer we take to realize what and who we are, the longer it takes for us to realize what we need.

Agree or  Disagree


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