My Fear!


“What are you afraid of”? A little boy asked me just the other day.

“Nothing”, came my reply almost immediately. I was surprised he had asked.

After taking an inquisitive look at me, to my amazement, he asked, “What do you fear”?

Like sharp needles piercing the nape of my neck, my hair stood: he had asked the right question, and the answer was one I had tried in vain to outrun.

Just like every other person, I too had a fear, and this had consumed me night and day for years without any remedy in sight. At some point, I had given up trying to confront it, heck, I even allowed it controlled me and convinced me into believing that there wasn’t a way to escape from it. And yes, while that may be true to some extent, I soon realized that even though I couldn’t totally run away from it, still, I could manage it, and maybe at some point, I could convert it.

And as the young lad looked on me steadily, expecting an answer, I knew I still had little embers of fear fanning within me.

“Well”, I began, “What I fear is drawing my last breathe, knowing I did so little in inspiring someone”.

So simple, yet a burden, and a cross I had been carrying for years. This was something I couldn’t solve. This was something I had to dance with.

“How did you manage it”? He asked with a question mark etched all over his face.

“Oh, I converted it”, I answered, smiling.


Realizing that there was no way I could outrun it, I decided to make it my motivation; turning my fear into my biggest inspiration, and for every time I think my fear will swallow me, I just gave myself ten reasons why I shouldn’t focus on it. Not that my fear doesn’t exist or I am totally ignoring it, rather I decided not to focus on it.

You see, it is no crime if you have a fear or fears, not at all, but what you shouldn’t have the attitude of surrender. Yes, at some point it may all seem weighing and encumbering, and a voice in your head maybe screaming at you to let go of everything, well, permit me to scream to at you, OUT OF YOUR FEAR, CREATE A PASSION.

The first step is in realizing your fear. Once you do, find the strength of your fear and make it your own strength. Don’t fight it; still, don’t succumb to it; for to fear is not to fail, but to give in, is to accept defeat, and if push comes to shove, give yourself a reason why you shouldn’t focus on your fear.

Be inspired by what you fear the most. And if you eventually find yourself in a dark room with your fear, Dance with it. Perhaps, when finally your time on earth be done, you would realize, that all along, you had been mastering your fear.



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