Letters Of My Love Song. 

I thought I knew the meaning of love,

Until I met her.

She was everything different and everything perfect.

From her eyes,

Emanated an endless ocean of beauty.

And with her every touch, 

Each moments were made gold.

Her thousand words of nothings,

Meant a lifetime of somethings,

And with every silent breathe she took,

I knew her presence was more than words spoken.

When I saw beauty in her eyes,

Like waterfall from an Ivory Tower,

Cascading freely, I knew she was my life.

And when the moon and stars whispered her name,

I knew she was my future.

A shelter from the storm,

A savior from my curse.

Like broken pieces on the cold floor,

She glued me whole again.

All of her days she spent loving me,

With elegance and grace,

Her warmth comforted me.

Like a light in my dark world,

By her side, I could Breakthrough


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