For Them. 

Since life has so often been likened to a hill such that each day is just one more step towards reaching the top, and there are setbacks in this step, such as missing your footing and falling off the hill; you can choose to remain there when you fall, there being at the bottom of the hill, where many others are, because they’ve refused to try! And try again! And yet again! Some setbacks are less brutal, like brushing the skin against the rocky parts, all you have to deal with it is the pain and you can keep going….

While climbing, you make friends — if you allow yourself to — especially among people going your way and at your pace, they help you along the way, they steady your feet, look out for you so you don’t fall. You learn to do the same too for them, growing, healing, learning. Sometimes among these people, you meet someone whose hands you want to hold all the way, whose voice soothes your scars, whose laughter feeds you with succour, in whose eyes you see the best part of you, whose face glistens your mood and warms your heart so that you want to look at it for as long as you climb — one more reason to try! Then, your own pain and discomfort become secondary, irrelevant, as long as that person is there… And then together, you take the journey into the unknown, facing hardships that come with two people of different backgrounds, status, opinions, starting out as one mind, making compromises, giving, sharing… Maybe along the way, you get others to follow you, two or three little ones that depend on you, that are the essence of you. Maybe they slow you down, creating more distance between the two of you because you have to create room for them too. Still, your promise to not let go of each other is like a strong cord and in that cord, these two or three little bundles of sweetness have been included …
If life was just like this hill, and I ventured to climb like most other people; if I took every step with efforts unaccounted for, draining me of all willpower, turning my blood blue, tearing my insides apart, and sinking me in despair; if I endured every bruise, every pain, every emotional scar even from those I thought would never hurt me; if I was fortunate enough to find love, something to make my unfriendly journey bearable, if I was to have someone who didn’t make the pain go away, but cried when I cried, laughed when I was engulfed with happiness and called me beautiful even when I reeked of failure and was the perfect representation of a wreck; if I got those three wonderful little ones to put smiles on my face, to watch them age along with me, and bid them goodbye as they embarked on their own separate journey; if none of the rocks thrown at me, succeeded in hitting me, causing my premature demise and I never fell off the hill…
If I ever got to that top of the hill, where I could rest my nerves and relax my will, where I didn’t have to look back with fear or get agitated about falling, where I could feel the ecstatic taste of victory on my tongue…. Then, I did it for them!

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