Time: Friend or Foe? 


I was reading one of mine favorably blogs, eyesfrombehind and the writer did ask a question that anyone and everyone could easily answer without giving it much thought, but in when pondered on, we become so careful with our answers. In her original words,

In all of man’s extraordinary exploits — the advent of electricity, medicines, airplanes amongst others…we are yet to find a way to conquer, control or even contain Time. Time slips away from us, making us all its unwilling yet humble captives. Our lives depend on it, we work according to where it chooses to take us. Sometimes we don’t even have enough of it, other times it just seems to prolong its stay. We are trapped in its predictable chains, under its propelling force, and all of our desires and achievements are subject to its strong hold. We can not defeat time; its power is beyond things imaginable, the least we could do is try to manage it. 

Unlike most masters with reluctant slaves, time has certain incredible attributes….

Time heals; a powerful cure better than most others, that revives not only the physical wounds, but the wounds of the heart.

Time replenishes; after a while, time refills, renew things that were lost.

Time reveals; eventually all secrets will be unveiled with time. Like how you can never hide the conception of a baby. In time, it’s out there for the world to see.

Time gives chances; you can try again and again because time permits you to.

Time strikes a balance; no matter the race, age, status, differences, we all have the same 24 hours in a day. 
And then, she asked, So you tell me… Is time man’s friend or foe?
As I mused on her question, I had a hard time pitching my tent and swinging the pendulum of my decision to an appropriate end. It felt like no answer would be right. With so much time on our hands, still, we feel they are insufficient enough to do all we desire to do. And when we feel like time should stand still, like a traveler in a haste, it quickly flies trough the window.
If there is anything I know, is that, time gives itself freely to everyone, but the major challenge is deciding what event to give to time.

Time: Friend or Foe? I will leave you to decide.


Credit: eyesfrombehind.wordpress.com


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