Random Thoughts.

Dreams and Folly. 

​I had a dream. 

I had a dream where I had it all, I had a dream where I conquered all. 

I had a dream where life and love were as bright as the daylight, 

I had a dream where my heart knew no pain. 

I had a dream where my words were the healing of nations, I had a dream to inspire and to uplift. 

But I once had a dream. 

People say, “Don’t dream too big, for it could spell doom to the heart when tomorrow’s fails to come.”

People say, “And if you must dream at all, always create a room for disappointment, this way, your heart will know no pain when the day becomes night.”

But seriously, what sort of life is that? To hope for the best, but expecting the worst to come. 

How can we choose to live with the fear that what we want will never come, and what we expect will never be? 

Then why hope at all? Then why expect in the first place?

It such a Folly to wish for something you have doubts of ever having. Why have hope for a thing when at the end of the day you become pessimistic about its reality? 

Such kind of living is depressing. 

So, do you have a dream, wait for it; though time be long, and the days seem far, the reality of our dreams will come through and true, if our hearts faints not. 


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