The Book Of Love: Chapter 1.

I could have chosen to have anyone I wanted, 

But I chose to have who I needed, 

Gladly, I chose you, 

And yes, I will always choose you. 

For your smile lits up my heart, 

Like the lights of a hundred streets, 

And in your eyes laid the seat of an imperfect beauty, 

Far more precious than a garden of a thousand roses. 

For I did vow never to love any other but you, 

And now, it feels like I made the right choice, 

Because when finally the day is done, 

And the Sun is gone, 

The thought of you coming home, 

Will always be my favorite memory. 

Though invisible to the eye, 

But your love keeps changing me, 

And in this short  life I live, 

You are my answer to everything. 


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