You Are No Mistake. 

Good What’s the earth population today? Over 6 or 7 billion people, right? Now that’s very impressive, and also very intimidating.

Now, have you ever sat down and wondered if your existence is of any importance or relevance to the human race, or have you wondered if are you just a pile of dust, floating about with the wind of uncertainty, accepting whatever comes and whatever life gives? Have you wondered if there are souls out there, somewhere appreciating life for having you? Or are you just another face to walk this brown earth and probably on a countdown to the day you will bid farewell?

To be honest, do you ever think of it a little bit, imagining all the billions of people on the face of the earth, and ask yourself, do I really matter at all? Is there someone who is truly glad to have me? Or am I a product of a careless act?

Quite scary if I should say, but more sincerely, there are those whose lives have been cut short, by themselves or by others, just because the weight of this question did overwhelm them.

I was opportune to have a conversation with a young man last week just before he committed suicide because to him, he felt he wasn’t worth the air he breathed. I listened as he lamented about the circumstances of his birth and the traumatic experience he had as he grew up. Without the knowledge of his birth parents, he lived like a scavenger at the mercy of his hostile environment. Often times he fell into the arms of those who abused him both physically and emotionally, still, he made a promise not to give in to his mental fears. His growing up was never without its struggles, still he managed to get a life for himself. Got a good job, had a steady relationship and soon, he felt like there was hope after all for him in this troubled world.

But then his life took a sharp decline.

I watched as he wept bitterly, narrating how he lost his job, his relationship and whatever spark of light he thought he had seen ahead. Losing everything he treasured like a pack of cards blown away by a wind, there was only one conclusion he could think of. In his own words he said, “My life is a mistake and an episode of unfortunate events. I should never have been brought into this world.” 

Hearing this, I was broken on the inside.

I cried, not necessarily because I could or couldn’t understand what he had experienced, no, but because I couldn’t find the right words to lift him out of his despair. I struggled within me to find an answer to his question, and when I finally did find one, two days after, it was very late.

I had only known him for a few hours and some minutes, but the news of his demise shook me to my very core because I then realized, there are so many people who carry-on the same burden and are looking for answers to their questions.

Yes, life may be shitty right now, life may be spinning out of control; your life may be on a spiral down path, and out of the billions of people on earth living, you feel your existence is not worth the dust under your feet. You are probably thinking, do I really matter? Or asking, am I really important? Sincerely, my only answer for you now is, You are not a mistake.

You may think you were conceived by two people’s carelessness, believe me, you are no mistake. You may think you are quite useless to yourself and those around you, understand this, you are no mistake. You may think you matter to no one, and you are just another face walking this brown earth without a purpose and destination, see, my only answer is, you are no mistake, and you definitely have a reason to live.

I don’t care to fully understand what you are currently dealing with, and I don’t care to fully know why all your friends deserted you because they feel you bring bad luck to them, hear me now, you are no mistake. And yes, it may be had to see the spark of light ahead in this dark and gloomy world just because you think you have no one that understands you for who you are, hey, I am here, and I am saying, You are no mistake.

You have a purpose. You have a future. You have a destination, and you don’t need everyone’s recognition to get there. You need only one person first, and that is you. Recognizing that you can add value to yourself everyday is a powerful reason to look forward to tomorrow, and soon, as you brighten your own fireplace, gradually, the light begins to shine for the next person to see. Believe this truth, you don’t have to exist for the whole world to see, rather the world exists for you to affect one person that will in turn affect another.

And with this I say, you are not a mistake, you are not a product of a careless act. You were carefully designed and placed on this earth for a reason, because there are people who need you and what you have before they can move forward. So throw away that thought that makes you feel less important, you seriously don’t need it. Just because you don’t understand today doesn’t mean your tomorrow don’t have a meaning, and if you ever think your demise will affect no one, trust me, you will end up creating a vacuum in someone else’s history.

So, you are important, you are valuable, and what you are going through right now is the fire needed to melt off the dross from the silver.

You are definitely no mistake.



17 thoughts on “You Are No Mistake. ”

  1. I woke up this morning to see this, and I was at loss for words to appreciate how you have opened my eyes again to see another truth. Most times we can’t save everybody, but when we do get the chance to say something nice to someone, we must make use of it diligently because we don’t know if our words will save someone at that time.
    Beautiful written.

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