Theory Of The Ripple Effect: We Are All Connected. 

I I took a walk down the street and found a young man who was weak. The countenance of his face was like a cloud of darkness hovering around a raging sea, and with the way he sat, hands over his head, I knew he had a troubled heart.

I had a place I was heading to, but something in me wouldn’t let me take another step, so I stood and watched, hoping I might learn what life wanted to teach.

Along came a little boy who stopped at the sight of the troubled young man and offered the only thing he had on him, a little bright smile that competed with the strength of the watchful Sun on that sunny day.

The young man, not so sure why the little boy smiled at him, returned the love with a little smile of his own and then proceeded to offer the little lad a warm embrace.

The little boy hopped away in excitement as the young man watched him disappear into the crowd, and from where I stood, I saw the rays of the Sun broke through this cloud of darkness.

I soon realized I was heading somewhere before I took a brief stop, so I continued.

On the way back to my house, I saw something that shook me to the bones.

I saw this same young man, who was ladened with despair earlier, offering to assist an elderly woman cross the busy street, and then proceeded to put some money into the bowel of a homeless man.

I stood with my mouth slightly open, and then I understood the Theory of The Ripple Effect life was teaching me: One Action Will Affect A Lot Of People.

See, you don’t need to have all the money in the world, or everything that could make life easy going for you before you make a difference in someone’s life, all you need is just one act of kindness or a little smile to make the world go bright with happiness because the truth is, just as life taught me, we are all connected.

One act of kindness or one act of wickedness is all that is needed to make this world go round.

An act of love makes happiness spread like oil on a paper surface to the ends of the earth and back to you, and one act of wrong doing makes the world go blind, because what you do today will affect someone who will affect another one, and this will continue until it comes back to you.

So smile as much as you can to everyone you see, you don’t know who might be in need of it. Say something nice to someone today, you never know what they are experiencing, and maybe your little words of love will rescue them from that quagmire of depression.

This is the Theory Of The Ripple Effect, because we are all connected.



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