The End. 

These 366 days have been a journey, and yes, the end is here. 

I don’t know if I can classify this year as a success or somewhat challenging, but one thing I do know of a truth is that, it has been a fun and an eventful year. With everything I have learned and taught, collected and given, accomplished and lost, I must say, I am really grateful for everything. 

But very importantly, I am much grateful for everyone who had been a reason for me to smile. To everyone who had been a part of my journey this year, I do love you all. 

To those who followed my blog, I love you. To those who read whatever article I posted, I really appreciate you. To those who liked it, I am very grateful. To those who commented on any of my post, really, my heart goes out to you, you have been amazing. And yes, to those who did non of the above, seriously, I still love you, and I hope we forge a relationship later in the future. 

The year is over, and the end is here, but what we have learned and gotten will never been forgotten. 

From my heart, I love you all. 


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