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What If Our Words Were Numbered? 

Have you ever wondered what it would be like or how it will feel like if you suddenly wake up one day to the reality that you have only a hundred (100) words to use for each day of your life?

Take a moment to think.

And it doesn’t just stop there. At the end of each day, you must give a report to someone of how you made use of the 100 words allocated to you.

Crazy right?!! Yea, I know, but think about it for a moment.

Now, the question is, What Will You Say? 

Okay, maybe a 100 words is just me being to strict or conservative (I tend to do that a lot), so let’s say you were given maybe Two Hundred (200) or even Five Hundred (500) words for each day; still, the question remains, What will you say?

Maybe this question may seem so weird to some of us because, understandably, we are so used to talking, and communicating with spoken words, that we don’t even have time to think, What if a day comes by when I am short of words?

With everyday activities that flies by, we find ourselves in one conversation or the other, most times, we say words we don’t even mean, words we can’t even remember saying, words we don’t even know why we said it, or how we said it, or when or where we said it, in fact, we hardly, if not never, keep  a tab of the words we speak. And at the end of the day, we don’t even care what words we have spoken that are left hanging in the atmosphere. In all this, I have realized; we don’t really value the words we speak. 

Because we believe we have so much of the resource at our disposal, we hardly recognize or appreciate its value and the role it plays in our lives. With every situation we find ourselves, we believe that there are words that are meant to be spoken to address them, but what we say, how we say it, and who gets affected by it, we don’t really mind, all we care about is saying what we feel like saying. We fail to understand that these words were given to us for a reason or some reasons, but we never ask, What is the reason?

We have so much, so we speak so much, yet we inspire so little, because we haven’t really seen our words as precious gems we must give out with pride and care, or maybe we don’t really believe that we are accountable to anyone for how and what we speak. We live w the this notion, ‘It is my life’, yet in reality, we were never really created for ourselves. (Will talk about this in subsequent piece).

Now, have you ever wondered why sometimes some people don’t take us seriously or trust us enough to commit a resource into our hands? Have you ever wondered why some people only got partial confidence in us as a person? It is because our words have given a true, or maybe a negative reflection of our persons. We can be defined by the words we speak. 

The questions we must begin to ask ourselves are, What is the value of my word? What is the impact of my words? What reflection do the words I speak give? Until we begin to realize the value of every word we speak, we will never begin to take ourselves seriously.

The truth is, Until we begin to place a value on our words, our integrity will remain worthless, because we are what we speak. 

Maybe when we begin to believe how important our words are, maybe only then can we limit what we say, how we say, and then mean what we say.

It’s no longer a ground breaking discovery that when a ‘thing’ is in so much abundance, or so easily accessible, the value of that ‘thing’ begins to depreciate, and most certainly, it is taken for granted; but try taking away that ‘thing’ from the reach or the midst of people, and almost in an instant, you can see the world crave after it like a deer panting for the water brooks. While it was there, its importance wasn’t really appreciated.

As bemusing as it may seem, just as an old saying goes, you don’t really know the value of what you have until you lose it, and quite sadly, most of us begin to learn to appreciate the little things in our lives, only after it is long gone. At this point, we begin to seek out ways to fill the vacuum that has been created, and we begin to wish if only we had done things differently.

I could go on and talk about who we are accountable to for our words, the Burden that comes with the abundance of words we are given, and how our words define our lives, but I will leave all that for my soon to be published book.

Maybe if our words were numbered, maybe we will appreciate the value of it. Maybe we will choose what to say and who we say it to. Just maybe.

I will so love to hear from you in the comment section below. What will you say?

Life is beautiful.



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9 thoughts on “What If Our Words Were Numbered? 

  1. This put me in mind a book that I read last year…. a book of short stories that one of the people who reads my blog recommended to me. It wasn’t the kind of thing I normally read and perhaps that’s why I was so taken with one of the stories, which was set in a country where everything in the world was free, except the words. Just think about it for a moment…

    I wrote about it here Ship’s Log. (In case you’re interested.)

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