The Curse Of Truth: What Is Your Truth? 

Every story have got two sides to it, and it is not about which of it is true or false. Every coin have got two different sides to it, and this is not about choosing which side is the head or tail. Every day have got two parts to it, and this is not about the reality of the morning and evening, but in all, it is a question of what you believe.

Don’t get too confused over this because, believe me, life is very simple. And as crazy and unexperienced I may seem right now, the fact is every story has two sides to it, and they are your truth and the other truth. No lies involved.

Okay, let’s see.

Have you ever been in a situation where an event played out in front of you and some group of people or friends, and in the next five minutes you all try to recount or are asked to give a detailed explanation of what had transpired, but to your utter surprise or dismay, you hear them give or say something, maybe not entirely different, but it is sure enough to make you ask yourself, “Did it really happen like that”? Yea, I know that feeling, it can crazy and confusing, but hey, we can’t really blame them, and the reason is because everyone have got their own truth to tell, the question now is not which is real, but, what is your own truth?

Let’s try to define the word, Truth.

Out of the numerous definitions we can get for the word, Truth, there is one I do so much like. The truth is giving an accurate account of an event or story exactly the way you experienced it.

Pause for a moment and consider the phrase, exactly the way you experienced it. Now this is not the way others believe it was or want you to believe it was, no, it has to be the way you experienced it, and if you must give this account so accurately, then, you must make the truth your own truth because you can’t really account for something you don’t really trust to be the truth.

Don’t be carried away, yet, you weren’t the only one who must have experienced what you encountered, so be sure to hear a different story from another source, and whether it sounds totally different from yours or slightly similar to yours, the question now is, who then has the real truth?

Well, to be candid, my answer is, It doesn’t matter.

Over the years, mankind has struggled with the concept of Truth and Lies. Man wants to know, what is the truth? And what is the lie? But what we don’t understand is, that very notion or concept of lies we seek to determine is actually the reality of another man’s truth. And even as we struggle to find a place of stability in this mad matter, in reality, it all comes down to what we believe, and what is standing against it. Maybe we never really realize that at the same time in life, we are living the truth and the other truth, which we respectfully call a lie.

This is the conflict of man’s relationship with each other, and the secret burden of the truth.

To us, individually, our lives are being fashioned by and to the truth we believe in, and any other thing that speaks contrary to that which our hearts has been set on becomes a falsehood of reality, and one that becomes an irritation to our existence. But be it known to us that the very same abstraction we call a lie, is the very same concept of truth another man believes and lives by. So even when we think we are an embodiment of truth and a light of reasoning to those around us, in another man’s world, we are just a foul smell of lies and a horror of darkness this world can produce.

The question now is, what do you believe?

See, everyone have a truth they speak of and believe in, but what you should ask yourself is what do I believe in? Everyone will always have something to say about you and the life you are living, but the question is, what do you believe about yourself? Your truth will determine the way you live.

See, our personal conflicts arises from either of two reasons. First, most of us don’t have A Truth. I have been in that position, few years ago, where I aligned myself with the reality of other people, probably because I felt they were more experienced than I was, but thank God for the quick grace to realize that there is a difference between learning from other people and accepting their own reality. I realized that there is a huge difference between observing and adopting, and deep within me, I have come to realize that this is our first challenge.

Whatever be the reason, most of the time, we accept other people’s truth as our own truth, maybe out of lack of confidence in ourselves, or for the lack of trying to define our own truth, whichever be the case, the reality of this position is that because of our lack of self-realization, we will forever find ourselves stuck in the shadows of other people’s thought, and believe me, this is the fastest way to ruin your life.

So how do we deal with this?

The answer is, Define who you are. The definition of yourself by yourself and for yourself will form the basis of how you begin to approach life. If you can’t define who you are, then you have no business living at all.

Second. And even after we have realized what our truth is, the question now shifts from what is your truth to how well do you believe in it, because believe me, the problem of this life is that every man is trying to impose their own truth on each other. So the measure of your believe in your truth is the depth of the strength you will exercise in any situation at anytime. Truthfully, only those whose heart have been well grounded in what they believe will go ahead to forge their own destiny because to them, nothing else is more important than what they have come to believe.

People will talk, people will always try to tell you what is and what is not, and people will always try to make you think that what you believe about yourself is just a flawed idea of your true reality. And the bemusing thing is that they make it seem like they have the blueprint of your life in their possession, and that they have the right to dictate how you live it, but the reality of it is that you have the power to decide what happens, only if you believe what you believe well enough.

And how do you deal with this?

Believe in yourself, and have the confidence that what you have known about yourself is the truth, and not what people are saying you are. And if peradventure your truth is flawed, well, we can’t fully know ourselves in just one try. Dig deeper about yourself, and spend time in knowing you.

So I ask this day, what is your truth? And What do you believe? You don’t need to accept another man’s truth as your own truth because I believe you have the capacity to define your own truth. You just have to try.

Believe me, in this story of life we are all living out, of the two sides that exist, only one side is more important, and that is what you believe in. So next time you hear or receive a negative comment about yourself from other people, you can choose to accept it as an opponent that is been knocked down into submission, or you can choose to discard the negativity and forge on because what you believe about yourself is bigger than what anyone thinks about you. You only need to know what your truth is. For ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free.

What Is Your Truth? 



13 thoughts on “The Curse Of Truth: What Is Your Truth? ”

  1. Nice post, fantastic explanation…. Even i believe that there isn’t something like Universal Truth. It is always ‘your’ version of Truth and ‘my’ version of Truth.

    And i loved these lines….”Believe in yourself, and have the confidence that what you have known about yourself is the truth, and not what people are saying you are. And if peradventure your truth is flawed, well, we can’t fully know ourselves in just one try. Dig deeper about yourself, and spend time in knowing you.”

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  2. I liked your post and the message behind it….except this line, “If you can’t define who you are, then you have no business living at all.”
    If I followed that, I would have a killed myself in my twenties.
    Just because you can not define a thing or person, does not mean it has no business existing. We don’t need to know all the whys or categorize everyone into nicely defined and labeled boxes to make them worth being. Quite the opposite in fact. Sometimes, caging something into a defined truth kills it all together.

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    1. Wow, I really appreciate your honest thoughts and words on that quote, and I am to be sincere, I too felt a bit uneasy when it dropped into my heart, and I know that there are some who will have the same, reservation as we do. But come, let’s look at it from this angle together.

      When you see a cup, what comes to your mind? Lemme guess, an object that is used to drink water or a liquid. Now when you see a knife, what comes to mind? Lemme guess again, an object used to cut through another object. Now, the question is, how do we come to this conclusion?
      Why can’t the knife be used as an object to eat or to put food in our mouths? Lemme guess, that is not its purpose. So also a cup, it has it own purpose. Why? Because it has been defined to act out that role. If the role wasn’t defined, then you and I know that abuse will set in. And if abuse sets in, then what is the point of its existence?

      So likewise you and I, if we can’t defined ourselves, and by definition I mean, if we can’t discover who we are, and who we are meant to be, then I really wonder why we are in existence. Or do prefer to walk around, spinning aimlessly like a broken compass?
      Also, nobody is asking you figure out who you are all at once, there is a process, and process takes time to complete.

      I could go on and on, but permit me to stop here for now. Because of this, I guess I will have to write the next so quickly.

      Much love 💕💕

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      1. “if we can’t discover who we are, and who we are meant to be, then I really wonder why we are in existence”… and that my friend is the real question and an excellent summary of your point. Not the definition of a thing, but the purpose. Thank you so much for your explanation and post!

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