The Curse Of Trust 

So I was thinking if I should share this with you now or wait till my book gets published. Well, I guess I have made my decision already.

Here is a summarized piece of a chapter from my book soon to be published; I really hope you will get the book when it is finally out. (Though it is quite lengthy, I tried my best to reduce it as much as I could). Enjoy this one, and please don’t forget to leave a comment. Much love.

Tell me, What is the biggest burden a man can ever place on you? And What can be so scary and so heavy that you dread to take it on your fragile shoulders? Tell me, What can it be?

Take a moment to think.

Now tell me, of all the best answers you could think of and come up with, and of all your numerous fears that may be budding inside right now, is there any one whose weight is as intense and majestic as the size of the biggest mountain in the world? Or is there any one whose burden makes you feel like a coin being tossed into the middle of a vast endless ocean? Is there any?

Whether Yes or No, whichever way the pendulum of your answer may swing to, indulge me for a moment as I share with you one burden I dread to lay on my shoulder, though so silent and undervalued, yet its strength is the very definition of a man.

But tell me, what defines a man?

Let me guess, the answers are endless!!! Yes, and in between them, it is hard to draw a line of which answer has more value than the other, but if we look closely and pay a little more attention than normal, we can and will see an intrinsic answer that shoulders all other answers.

For me, Trust pulls the strings.

Name it, Character, Attitude, Words, Actions, Desires and Passions, Dreams, Purpose, Love, Family, all these have a direct influence on the definition of a man, but behind them all and underneath what the eyes sees and heart thinks, lies the seat of trust that fuels these embers.

Is it Character?

Before anyone will adjudge your character right and true, its stability must be weighed on the scales of integrity; for no man will commit to you the issues of life if the value of your character falls below their expectations, and whichever way the  value of your character swing to on the scale of integrity or trust, it begins to form the basis of our definition. So the question you should ask yourself is not, ‘Am I a good person or not?’ rather you should ask, ‘What is the value of my character? Can people trust my character’?

Is it the Words we speak?

See, It is no secret that the words we speak gives a description of what lies on the  inside of us, and what lies inside defines what we display on the outside. Or maybe we really fail to consider that the value of our words is the value of our image, and a broken image can not be trusted. So when we speak, we should ask ourselves, ‘What is the value of my Words? Can someone trust the things that comes out of my mouth? For it is not enough to open wide our mouths and say the first thing that comes to mind, but to stop and ask for a moment, ‘What do people see when I speak? Can someone trust me because of what I speak? For words reveals the heart of a man, and he who garners trust by his words is fit for tomorrow.

Or is it our Actions?

I could go on and talk about how our actions define who we are, but it is already obvious that what we do speaks louder than any other thing. We can demand or plead for people to trust us, believe in us, hope in us, be patient with us, and have faith in us, but what we do says everything. See, humans are very impatient, and the worst part is they are not blessed or endowed with telepathic abilities, so we should never really expect them to read our minds because they can’t, but they will either trust or condemn us by what we do. The question we should ask is, ‘What am I doing’?

Or is it Love?

Tell me, how can someone enjoy the magical bliss and the enchantments of love if there is no trust? How can someone claim to eat the perfect fruits of love if the seed of trust is destroyed? What sort of empty shelled love is that? Can it survive? Many a time I hear people say, “I love him, or I love her, but I can’t trust him”, and every time I hear such, my heart gets broken. How can we live like that? What’s the point of loving if we can’t love completely? And now I realize that our biggest issue is, we don’t even trust ourselves enough to commit our lives into the hands of another, and if we can’t completely trust our lives in the hands of another, what is the point of starting?

Or Is it Family? Or Dreams? Or Desires and Passions? Whatever we think defines who we are, trust sits behind the curtains pulling the strings. Or is it the very purpose of our existence, believe me, trust plays the major role in that. For how can Divinity trust us with the enormous secret of why we were created if we can’t trust ourselves to fulfill it. No wonder many of us roam around like a broken compass, spinning haphazardly, all because the very essence of our existence cannot be entrusted into our hands. Let’s face it, most of us, if not all, are very much eager and excited to see what the future holds for us, yet very much afraid of what we might become, and these all falls back to the silent curse of trust. The question now is, ‘Can we be trusted with the future’?

And now, let us assume we have won over the trust of our Character, Words, Actions, Dreams, Desires and Passions, Love, Family, Purpose and Attitude, and we are now in possession of other people’s trust. Tell me, how does that make you feel?

Whenever I here someone say to me, ‘I trust you’, immediately I get the feeling that the life of another man is in my hands. Believe me, it is scary.

I ask myself, Who are we to hold the fate of another man’s life in our hands, for when a man places his trust on you, his whole world is hoping for you to come through. And if by some misfortune we fail to match up to the trust placed in us, our shortcomings could be the very thing others may use to define us, and this makes me wonder if the burden of trust is worth carrying at all.

Ask yourself, does it really matter? Does it really matter if someone else trusts me? Does it worth it? Well, my simple answer is, Yes. Inasmuch as it comes with a price, and a heavy one at that, the burden of trust is one we all need to survive in this present world.

What a way to break the backs of we feeble mortals.



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