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What If Words Were Limited?

This poem was written by an amazing lady who I come to like. It says so much of exactly what is happening around us.

Allow me take you on a journey
Give you a new gratitude walk
Remember I’m simply speaking as an attorney
Not trying to be a judge

What if words were limited
We all assigned a number of words each day
After which we go dumb or tongue tied

Shorter conversations, more meaningful word exchanges…
More Silence on the streets
Greater power to the writer

The pain of stammerer
Using sixteen words to pronounce one
The sufferings of singers
Albums of five songs to one.

Hopefully we have less lies, more truth
Less deception, more Honesty

What if words were limited
We’d live like slaves to our own words
Counting, calculating, thinking before we speak.

I think our world would be full of wisdom
Working and thriving our form of expression
There’s be less discrimination
We’d all have one fight; our speech be given freedom.

But our words are unlimited and free
Given to us at no cost
Let’s take a stop and with a grin,
Thank God for words

Read her blog here


There is a voice inside my head that won't keep still until its contents are spilled.

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