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Spaces in my Heart

I feel it is now or never!!

I feel if it doesn’t work now, then I might just be left standing here,

I was born to fight for everything I want, but not so sure of losing myself in the process,

Perhaps I could become a different person after this fight, Perhaps I might find myself.


I hate having to deal with thoughts of not being good enough,

I hate these moments when I struggle to convince myself I am more than enough for me,

Sometimes all I want is to let loose and fall,

But I am quick to remind myself, Broken bones don’t heal so quickly,

I hate having these thoughts at all.


Sometimes the teary eyes speak words the mouth won’t say,

Sometimes the dark nights above are the safest places to be,

Sometimes I pray the mornings should never come,

For I always ask, how can I stay one more day uncompleted,


How could it be, my strength made me weak?

How could I have known being so strong was my only mistake?

Why does it feel so wrong to chase for safety?

Only to stand alone when I look around.


There is a voice in my head that won't keep still till I let it out on a paper or your screen

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