Hi, if you are reading this page, then it means………. 
Of course I am not dead, it just means you are wondering what this blog is all about. Well, in all honesty, I am kind of wondering too. 

There is always a tomorrow we all are hoping to see, and a day after the present where we all wanna be, but for some reason, maybe divine or mystical, we are stuck with today. Well, Today’s Tomorrow is somewhat of a journey, bringing in my thoughts and realities of tomorrow, today, after all, like my friend would always say, The Future Is Now. 

Don’t expect this journey to be perfect, in fact, I have been called different names by different people throughout time, and while some may be true, some are super true and some are wonderfully true, the point is, everyone has an opinion, it depends on what you find when you look, but this is my opinion; I am a little of what you think but much more of what I decide to be.

I don’t know where this journey will lead to or end, but one thing I do know, I won’t stop today. So my question is, will you be my travel companion? 

NB. All pictures are borrowed, except for the ones with my name, Kiel. 

10 thoughts on “About

  1. I don’t know why I think ‘litcore’ evokes the image of heavy, driving metal using themes and concepts from literature, such as Romanticism or bildungsroman.

    Anyway, all the best in your journey of breaking through “WYSIATI” (“What you see is all there is” – if interested, check out “Thinking, Fast and Slow” by Daniel Kahneman)


  2. What is normal? What is conventional? What is common? Do YOU, and Do YOU well, honest, and with integrity, and you’ll impress readers with your individuality and “YOU-ness.” I blog hop a lot. I haven’t read one blog yet that doesn’t smack of the author. Your “crowd” will find you…promise!

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