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Can anyone be perfect? The Misconception of Perfection


In the summer of 2019, I walked into a room with 7 people around for a conversation, and just as we were about to start, I said 3 words, “I am perfect.” Now I know what you are thinking, I am probably a proud and arrogant person, well honestly, it was the same thing they all thought. Registering the confusion on their faces, I asked, “can anyone be perfect?” Now they all gave me beautiful answers and explanations which boiled down to the same conclusion, “no one can be perfect because we are not God. We are humans whose lives have been interwoven by threads of imperfections. The very fabric of our nature has been incompletely designed, that is why we always long to fill the voids. Hence we are made unique by our series of flaws.”

Wow! What a beautiful way to say we are broken! All I could do at this point was to shake my head in pity. Something had gone wrong somewhere.

If you can stop whatever you are doing now and look at yourself in a mirror, I would like to show you something. Or perhaps, if you can look at something that reflects your image back at you, I would like you to see something.

Tell me, what do you see? What can you say about what you see?

Do you see a broken image held together by imperfections and ugly flaws or do you see something else? Do you see an identity you have struggled to accept and live with because there was once a voice that made you doubt it? What do you see?

For so long the world has been ruled by an idea, ‘no one is perfect’, and for so long we have believed this beautiful lie that we are all broken in some way. It baffles me a lot when people say being perfect is impossible. Sometimes I stop to wonder why we think so low of ourselves. Is this an act of humility or an act of fear? Is it a sign of courage appearing weak and vulnerable or just pure stupidity?

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Growing Intelligently: How To Make Meaningful Progress In Your Life



Change might be inevitable, but growth is optional. Growth is intentional and must be done intelligently.

As we witness the advancement of time, it is commonly expected that an individual grow alongside with it, but this is what we have come to understand, growth is intentional, not accidental.

Often times we have been taught that situations and challenges makes us who we are or changes us into who we are meant to be, and for too long we have been looking for those life changing or transforming moments that finally gets to unveil us to ourselves, as if we are helpless in understanding the things we are capable of. But here is the problem with this ideology, it unconsciously strips away from us our power to proactively design for ourselves the kind of situation we want to face, the kind of person we want to be, and only allows us to react when we find ourselves in the midst of circumstances. This ideology teaches us that we can only grow by the magnitude of effects we get from a situation, and that we have no business in deciding how an event changes us or shapes us.

But this is so wrong, absolutely so wrong.

The 1% of the successful people on earth don’t live by this limiting ideology, they live by a different rule and that is what I intends to share with the series of posts to follow.

To react or to proactively design.

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7 Reasons Why Your New Year Resolutions Will Fail

Do you believe in new year’s resolution?

I can guess your answer.

So, very few people still believe in having a new year resolution, although the struggle to follow through with them is excruciatingly painful, and in some cases they never get to achieve all of the goals they set. But majority are done with this ‘nonsense’. Many are no longer convinced in the magic they once believed it had. I mean, what’s the point of having new year resolutions if halfway through the first month or even before half of the first month, all we have resolved, everything comes crashing down, and we find ourselves reverting back to the same old pattern we are so desperate to break or improve on. Most people now believe that making new year resolutions is a nice way to set themselves up for failure because no one actually ever go through with the plan, so instead, they have decided to take life as it comes, waiting for opportunities to explode any which way.

But this is a terrible way of living.

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Why You May Never Succeed

Enter The Struggle.

At age 21 I remember, one day, being broke.

Of course not all of us had it all figured out at 21, hell, most of us haven’t even realized what kind of life we want to really live. But then I remember taking a decision to run a magazine company.

The truth was, whenever I am broke and bored, my racing mind will not let me rest. It keeps probing and probing till suddenly it gets an idea to do a business or create something that would, unfortunately, not provide money instantly but on the long run will be a successful business..

But I was broke as hell and I hated it.

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Time, Love, Life, Memories

Love while you can,

Cause life goes too fast.

Death can make you hard,

So make memories before they fade.

Create time to create memories,

Cause everything is temporary,

And everything will slide.

Time will teach you one hard truth,

What stays is what you have,

And that’s love, it never dies.

So shine from the ground,

Be alive and live,

Cast away the shadows and breathe.

Remember seasons will change,

And dreams will make you cry,

While life is teaching you how to grow.

– Godsfavour Ezekiel 2019

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Don’t Chase What You Want, Attract What You Need

How to have what you truly desire

Don't chase what you want, attract what you need

I have seen so many chase after things they fail to get at the end. So many who are left broken by their inability to fully grasp what they want, and most times I wonder if all our lives have been programed to desire things we can’t have.

Most of us, having aimed so high as the clouds, choose to settle so low in depths after we have broken our backs in pursuit of what we have imagined.

Could this be our fate? Could this be our burden? Could this be how we have been designed to live? I don’t believe so, for I have come to realize that our problem is not that we aim so high or so lofty or so unrealistic for the mind to comprehend, but that in us lack the capacity to attract and handle what we want.

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On Your Terms

In life, you are going to find out that the toughest task you will ever face is finding the courage to live life on your terms. I am not talking about just existing, I am not talking about managing to survive and drifting with the wind. I am talking about the deliberate act of living.

Sometimes you are gonna feel the urge to give up your will to live and forfeit your control to decide. Sometimes you gonna feel like letting go and going with whatever is offered to you, but the bravest of us are those who choose to find strength and courage to, at least, attempt to live life by whatever means we can. It may not be grand and explosive, it may not the fairy tale we dreamed of, but at least when we finally take a bow, we will do so with a smile knowing that we actually did live on our terms.

Godsfavour Ezekiel

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My Obituary

My Obituary

Here I am, blankly staring into space, wondering if I have reached the end of my search. Here I am, gravely probing the thoughts of what people will say of me when my circle ends, and probably wondering if my existence would be worth the air I expended. Here I am, thinking of life after death.

People say everyone is looking for something, anything, but I have never heard anyone with a cry of euphoria in finding what they truly seek. People say our lives are drawn to something we can’t truly grasp, but if this hold any form truth, then what the hell is wrong with us?

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Give Me Reason To Love

Give me a reason to chase you,

And I will travel through the red skies across a thousand oceans to win you over.


Give me a reason to stay,

And I will build high fences around our love to keep me from escaping.


Give me a reason to love,

And I swear on my love for you,

I will spend a thousand and one forever by your side

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Spaces in my Heart

I feel it is now or never!!

I feel if it doesn’t work now, then I might just be left standing here,

I was born to fight for everything I want, but not so sure of losing myself in the process,

Perhaps I could become a different person after this fight, Perhaps I might find myself.

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