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Is the grass always greener on the other side and how to overcome this syndrome?


Since I was a child, I have been fascinated with the proverb ‘The grass is always greener on the other side’. My young, innocent mind used to wonder why people couldn’t use the time they spent in judging how much more green their neighbours’ grass was as compared to theirs in perhaps watering their own grass! When I had once mentioned this to one of my teachers at the time when we were taught this proverb, she had just answered with that condescending smirk of omniscience that adults unconsciously (or consciously) sport amongst kids and said,’You’ll find out when you get older.’ But little did she know, I had cracked the proverb already.

When I got older, I realized that the grass wasn’t always greener on the other side. It seemed greener. And that there was a big (huge, really) difference between being and seeming. We humans are a pretty…

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Time: Friend or Foe? 


I was reading one of mine favorably blogs, eyesfrombehind and the writer did ask a question that anyone and everyone could easily answer without giving it much thought, but in when pondered on, we become so careful with our answers. In her original words,

In all of man’s extraordinary exploits — the advent of electricity, medicines, airplanes amongst others…we are yet to find a way to conquer, control or even contain Time. Time slips away from us, making us all its unwilling yet humble captives. Our lives depend on it, we work according to where it chooses to take us. Sometimes we don’t even have enough of it, other times it just seems to prolong its stay. We are trapped in its predictable chains, under its propelling force, and all of our desires and achievements are subject to its strong hold. We can not defeat time; its power is beyond things imaginable, the least we could do is try to manage it. 

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For Them. 

Since life has so often been likened to a hill such that each day is just one more step towards reaching the top, and there are setbacks in this step, such as missing your footing and falling off the hill; you can choose to remain there when you fall, there being at the bottom of the hill, where many others are, because they’ve refused to try! And try again! And yet again! Some setbacks are less brutal, like brushing the skin against the rocky parts, all you have to deal with it is the pain and you can keep going….

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Guest Blog. The Search.

Originally posted by http://justwords2397.wordpress.com

Every day I wander here and there in search of something which is yet unknown to me, which seems mine but is away from me. However this quest of mine takes me nowhere, every way I go brings me back to the start again. The drowning sun brings ahead my failures and as and the day ends, the dark night appears my quest fails. Lost and tired I reach an old but a pleasant place, where the flickering light and the broken bench greets me along with the twinkling stars . I sit on the bench and enjoy the silence of time and the environment and desperately wait for my sleeping fate to awake.

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