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On Your Terms

In life, you are going to find out that the toughest task you will ever face is finding the courage to live life on your terms. I am not talking about just existing, I am not talking about managing to survive and drifting with the wind. I am talking about the deliberate act of living.

Sometimes you are gonna feel the urge to give up your will to live and forfeit your control to decide. Sometimes you gonna feel like letting go and going with whatever is offered to you, but the bravest of us are those who choose to find strength and courage to, at least, attempt to live life by whatever means we can. It may not be grand and explosive, it may not the fairy tale we dreamed of, but at least when we finally take a bow, we will do so with a smile knowing that we actually did live on our terms.

Godsfavour Ezekiel

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Beautiful Scars

beautiful scars quote

Sometimes beauty doesn’t always lie in brightest smile under the warm sunlight: sometimes it grows from the deepest scars during the lonely nights

© Godsfavour Ezekiel

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quotes on beliefs

If what you believe haven’t changed you, then you haven’t believed at all.

Ezekiel Godsfavour ©2018

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It is not the quick steps that counts, it is the giant strides that matters.

Godsfavour Ezekiel ©2018

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Stop waiting! The future comes faster than you think.

Godsfavour Ezekiel ©2018

Time is a friend to those who act before it moves

Godsfavour Ezekiel ©2018

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Dreams and Desires

Our dreams and desires are always right in front of us, all we have to do is to make a move.

Godsfavour Ezekiel ©2018

The Value Of Our Existence.


When we let others see the beauty of themselves through our eyes, we create the opportunity to see our own beauty through their eyes 

-Ezekiel Godsfavour ©2017 


Our weakness and fears are constantly looking for new ways to overcome us, and if we go to sleep without beating them into submission, we give them the opportunity to overtake us.

©Ezekiel Godsfavour 2017 


Separate yourself from the crowd. Chase your dreams. Those who don’t understand your silence will hate and misjudge you, but at the end of the day, the result will tell the full story. 

©Ezekiel Godsfavour 2017. 

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