What Is The Right Thing To do? 

Quite recently a colleague of mine called my attention to a piece of article I had written months ago. Probably fascinated by a screenshot of the piece I used as a profile picture, she requested for the manuscript where I had originally scribbled down my thoughts, and I, who was only grateful that I had another opportunity to share my thoughts with one more person in this world, sent it to her without hesitation. After a few days, on my way out of the office on one boring evening, she stopped me and made a compliment, “Hey, I love every piece of your article. They are so nice and true, but I have an issue with it”. To be honest, I was bored and hungry that night. My mind had been struggling to be somewhere else apart from my body, and even the movie I tried seeing that evening did little to ground my turbulent mind. I hadn’t written in weeks, so it was safe to say I was having ‘a bad period’, but I managed to listen to her opinion with some measure of relative calmness. Continue reading

My Thougts In 10 Minutes (Day 4).

It’s been quite a while since i wrote anything, not for lack of what to write or shortage of inspiration, the truth is that i have been lazy to write, and even as i write this, i am not so sure if at the end of this little ‘unsensible’ piece, i will still find the strength to hit the publish button. Well, i do hope i make that decision.

Maybe you are reading this and you are already thinking or saying out loud, “this person is not so serious with writing”, or you may find it funny to hear me say, “writing is my life”, yea, i know, it does sounds like a joke, but truthfully, that’s the truth. winks!

I had a goal for this blog this year, (had, not have) and we are barely gone past the first quarter of the year, but here i find myself thinking if i should make a different goal or try to find a way to achieve this not broken but bent goal.

But thinking about it, there is no big a dream or bright an idea i could think of or have that will come to reality if those little foxes that destroys the vines are not taken care of. I guess all will still amount to me chasing the wind.

I know my problem, or at least two of them, and before now i thought i had them under control, but if the past few weeks have taught me anything, it is that, Our weakness and fears are constantly looking for new ways to overcome us, and if we go to sleep without beating them into submission, we give them the opportunity to overtake us.

And now, i must learn again how to be consistent.

My Thoughts In 10 Minutes: If I Were Someone Else…… (Day 3).

Do you ever get that feeling that most times, people fail to see the good intention behind what you do? And instead of focusing to the reason behind your actions, they judge you by the results, after all, result speaks louder than actions. Or have ever had a good reason for doing a thing, but the moment you try to carry out that action, it all comes out wrong, and in the end, you break the heart of the person involved, and you also break your spirit? 

Well, I get that feeling all the time. 

Deep within me, I know I want to do good, I want to put a smile on someone’s face, I want to make a heart glad and my embrace feel warm, but over and over again, I find my actions often been misunderstood and my intentions are called to question. I ask myself if there was another way to have shown or said exactly how I felt or how it was in my heart, or make people see my heart for what it truly is. Well, unfortunately, people are not endowed with the ability to read minds. 

So how do I solve this nagging headache? 

Maybe if I were someone else.. 

Maybe I were someone else, I will know how my actions affect other people, 
Maybe if I were someone else, I will know exactly how to approach other people.  

Maybe if I were someone else, I will know all the right words to say, 
Maybe if I were someone else, I will know all the right things to do. 

Maybe if I were someone else, I will see me the way they see me, 
Maybe if I were someone else, I will understand me how they understand me. 

Maybe if I were someone else, I will do things differently, 
But I am not someone else, I guess I will have to find another way. 


My Thoughts In 10 Minutes: Day 2.

Does My Past Really Matter? 

Often times, if not all the time, we hear people say to us, forget about the past, look to the future”, or we hear, the past is gone, and there is nothing you can do about it but you can determine what happens next” or something like, the past can’t be rewritten, but the future can be designed” and while all these are true in some sense, we find ourselves, sometimes, fighting with a shadow of our yesterday, and we begin to ask ourselves if the past is really gone.

Continue reading

My Thoughts In 10 Minutes: Day 1.

Will I Ever Be Successful? 

No doubt the last year is gone, and the new year is come, but one thing will always remain, your desire to be successful. 

Of a truth, accomplishments were made and a few desires gotten, maybe you recorded some achievement, maybe got that degree you have been chasing, got that job you wanted, bought that house, wrote that book, started that blog, or even got married or engaged to your sweetheart, and now with the year before you, so early as it is, you are starting to ask if this year will that year where all your dreams come true, and you have probably already envisaged how the end of the year would look like and what you must have achieved by that time, well, it is all good and nice, but honestly, pause for a moment. 

Ask yourself, “Am I ready for success?” 

It is very easy to be swept off the ground with the desire to be successful or the noise people make about it so quickly that most times we forget that there is always a  process to go through and one we must prepare for. We focus so much at the end of the journey that we totally ignore the journey itself, trying so hard to catch up with those ahead of us that we forget everyone got their own path to walk in and a process to follow. The question, “will I ever be successful?” begins to play in our hearts when we realize we are not getting exactly what we dreamed, not realizing that the amount of success we get is directly proportional to the amount of time spent in preparation. It is as simple as that. If you want a lasting successful story, then you must be ready to sacrifice time, and if you want that overnight success, be sure it will last for one night. 

Many atimes, we don’t get what we want because we don’t have the stamina to handle it. Some success are destructive because of poor preparation and management, so in order for us not to perish as a result of it, it doesn’t come to us. That is why I am saying, take your time, as for success, it will surely come. 

Do not rush to attain success, prepare for it. 

Do you want to have a successful career, then go get that knowledge and certificate needed. Do you want to be a successful fashion designer, go harness that skill. Do you want to publish that book, then learn how to be a better writer. Stop wasting your time looking at the distance you have to cover to meet up with those ahead, instead, focus on your process. Trust your process, ignore the side talks, don’t bother about the time, just get that fundamental you need to launch, and when you finally do launch, you will realize that you have all it takes to be what you have always dreamed of. 

So don’t rush to be successful, prepare for it, for success is sweeter when you prepare for it. 



If you are reading this, then it means I am most grateful for your being alive to see a new day, a new week, a new month, and a new year. 

The past year had been wonderful, and I am certain this new year will be exquisite. 

For all our hopes and dreams, I pray the good Lord smile graciously upon us to bring them to reality and very quickly. 

To everyone reading this, I do hope we have a blissful year. 

Love you all, and happy new year. 

The End. 

These 366 days have been a journey, and yes, the end is here. 

I don’t know if I can classify this year as a success or somewhat challenging, but one thing I do know of a truth is that, it has been a fun and an eventful year. With everything I have learned and taught, collected and given, accomplished and lost, I must say, I am really grateful for everything. 

But very importantly, I am much grateful for everyone who had been a reason for me to smile. To everyone who had been a part of my journey this year, I do love you all. 

To those who followed my blog, I love you. To those who read whatever article I posted, I really appreciate you. To those who liked it, I am very grateful. To those who commented on any of my post, really, my heart goes out to you, you have been amazing. And yes, to those who did non of the above, seriously, I still love you, and I hope we forge a relationship later in the future. 

The year is over, and the end is here, but what we have learned and gotten will never been forgotten. 

From my heart, I love you all.