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What If Our Words Were Numbered? 

Have you ever wondered what it would be like or how it will feel like if you suddenly wake up one day to the reality that you have only a hundred (100) words to use for each day of your life?

Take a moment to think.

And it doesn’t just stop there. At the end of each day, you must give a report to someone of how you made use of the 100 words allocated to you.

Crazy right?!! Yea, I know, but think about it for a moment.

Now, the question is, What Will You Say?  Continue reading What If Our Words Were Numbered? 


White Nightmare. 

When dreams become a burden 

And passion becomes a curse, 

The kiss of an angel is less desired 

Than the many arrows of the devil. 

What do you do when dreams become a nightmare, 

And the very thing that peirce your soul?  

What do you do when your demons are no where to be found, 

Because even they are afraid of your dream? 

I have no more wars to fight, 

And no more battles to wage, 

Not a thing to hang on to, 

And not a day to look forward to, 

For even my demons do abscond, 

And I am left with nothing to contend with. 

I am imprisoned by my dreams, 

And tormented by my lack of relief, 

I fear not for my now but for my tomorrow, 

For all I have are these white nightmares. 


This have I learnt, hold tenaciously to nothing, but be your own happiness. For after everyone is done and gone, you alone will still be here.

©Ezekiel Godsfavour 2017 

When Two Becomes A Curse.

The difference between being alone and being lonely.

“I had to let her go. I just had to do it.

I knew I loved her, but I knew better not to hold unto her any longer than I already have, and whether we were meant for each other or not, that is one thing I would never get know, at least for now. Honestly, we felt we were right by each other and were made complete by our presence, but somewhere within us, buried among the smiles and kisses, we struggled.

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The Curse Of Love. 

Let me tell you a very short story.

I once knew of a young man who asked the lady he loved so much, “what does it takes to love me?”, as he stared into her eyes, beholding the vast endless sea of beauty that flowed within.

“A lot” she replied with a smile, “A whole lot”, and she buried her head in his embrace.

Bemoaned by her response, he slowly lifted her head, gently stroking her brown hair as he whispered into her ears, “Just how much is it”?  Continue reading The Curse Of Love.