Life of The Gift.

Even the gods cried,
And Immortals laid weak,
The Sun turned its face away in agony,
As the heavens gave way for pain.

Life laid dead in its sleep,
As hope sat ashamed in the dark,
Peace was stolen, redemption was kidnapped,
As all flesh withered before a scorching judgement.

Who is he to think he could walk free,
Or to say she was never here,
For not until grace and love walked in,
Even the very gods were never free.

Guilt was accounted to every life,
The puff of each breathe was laced with a double dose of treason,
For even the souls of gods and mortals had committed The Offence,
And death, only, was the price befitting, nothing else.

But a gift was given,
Though unrequested by any, yet desired by many,
For while life sat in a catacomb of confusion and despair at the far corner in the dark,
The gift bore the name of mercy and grace.

And with its light, life received life,
And bones glee at its sight,
For while gods and men rejoiced in its presence,
A life was shed in their stead.


While It Lasts….



The weight and the pain,
The hurt and the tears,
The night and the terrors,
A lonely heart feels it all.

Time may not heal it all,
Words may not solve it all,
Success may not cover it all,
For a love lost may never be replaced

See those smiling faces,

Hear those singing voices,

Watch those dancing feet,

For they are what will be remembered when time and music stops.

So, love everyone you can,
Cherish everything you can,
Appreciate those around you today,
For you never know who may stay or leave tomorrow.

-Ezekiel Godsfavour.


You Are No Mistake. 

Good What’s the earth population today? Over 6 or 7 billion people, right? Now that’s very impressive, and also very intimidating.

Now, have you ever sat down and wondered if your existence is of any importance or relevance to the human race, or have you wondered if are you just a pile of dust, floating about with the wind of uncertainty, accepting whatever comes and whatever life gives? Have you wondered if there are souls out there, somewhere appreciating life for having you? Or are you just another face to walk this brown earth and probably on a countdown to the day you will bid farewell?

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The Voice and The Desert.


It was the best of days and best of times, as her face, ever so bright, set ablaze the dark corners of the house. She had the smoothest skin, I could recall, and her well carved teeth, through her perfect smile, competed with the glittering stars of the night.

The sound of her footsteps, like the heart beats of a smiling god, reverberated the entire building and the foundations of the earth were made glad with her gentle strides. Her touch was like the comfort of a thousand pillows and whenever she wrapped her arms around me, I felt like drowning in her essence.

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Focus., Random Thoughts.



The night was cold and silent as the clock slowly crawled to twenty three. The heavens laid bare without its tiny little sparkles hanging around it and no sooner was the corner of my street invaded by the notorious band of silence.

As loud as it could sound, I heard clearly the footsteps of nothing and the pounding of my heart competed with every stride it took. A stream of hot sweat ran freely down the nape of my neck and in a short while, maybe too long, I realized what I feared, I was alone. The onslaught of the cold wind left my once guarded mind susceptible to creepy thoughts and not too long did my scary imaginations begin to take form. To think she would stay forever was a false truth and happily ever after is a false hope.

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