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What Is The Right Thing To do? 

Quite recently a colleague of mine called my attention to a piece of article I had written months ago. Probably fascinated by a screenshot of the piece I used as a profile picture, she requested for the manuscript where I had originally scribbled down my thoughts, and I, who was only grateful that I had another opportunity to share my thoughts with one more person in this world, sent it to her without hesitation. After a few days, on my way out of the office on one boring evening, she stopped me and made a compliment, “Hey, I love every piece of your article. They are so nice and true, but I have an issue with it”. To be honest, I was bored and hungry that night. My mind had been struggling to be somewhere else apart from my body, and even the movie I tried seeing that evening did little to ground my turbulent mind. I hadn’t written in weeks, so it was safe to say I was having ‘a bad period’, but I managed to listen to her opinion with some measure of relative calmness. Continue reading “What Is The Right Thing To do? “

Focus., Random Thoughts.

When There Is Nothing Left To Love.

It is not every time you get to wake up with feeling of being loved or appreciated by a person or persons, in fact, there is no rule that makes it mandatory for anyone to like or love you. Betrayed by someone you love? It is normal. Back-stabbed by some you thought was a friend? It will happen. But the question remains, what happens when there is nothing left to love?

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Focus., Random Thoughts.


So the past few weeks has been quite hazy and I could literally feel my head quake just from doing nothing.
I had plans, like so many plans, huge plans, yet for some incomprehensible reasons, I found myself on the verge of not achieving any and I thought to myself, damn, I must be on the verge of becoming insane.

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