While It Lasts….



The weight and the pain,
The hurt and the tears,
The night and the terrors,
A lonely heart feels it all.

Time may not heal it all,
Words may not solve it all,
Success may not cover it all,
For a love lost may never be replaced

See those smiling faces,

Hear those singing voices,

Watch those dancing feet,

For they are what will be remembered when time and music stops.

So, love everyone you can,
Cherish everything you can,
Appreciate those around you today,
For you never know who may stay or leave tomorrow.

-Ezekiel Godsfavour.

Random Thoughts.

My Thoughts In 10 Minutes: If I Were Someone Else…… (Day 3).

Do you ever get that feeling that most times, people fail to see the good intention behind what you do? And instead of focusing to the reason behind your actions, they judge you by the results, after all, result speaks louder than actions. Or have ever had a good reason for doing a thing, but the moment you try to carry out that action, it all comes out wrong, and in the end, you break the heart of the person involved, and you also break your spirit? 

Well, I get that feeling all the time. 

Deep within me, I know I want to do good, I want to put a smile on someone’s face, I want to make a heart glad and my embrace feel warm, but over and over again, I find my actions often been misunderstood and my intentions are called to question. I ask myself if there was another way to have shown or said exactly how I felt or how it was in my heart, or make people see my heart for what it truly is. Well, unfortunately, people are not endowed with the ability to read minds. 

So how do I solve this nagging headache? 

Maybe if I were someone else.. 

Maybe I were someone else, I will know how my actions affect other people, 
Maybe if I were someone else, I will know exactly how to approach other people.  

Maybe if I were someone else, I will know all the right words to say, 
Maybe if I were someone else, I will know all the right things to do. 

Maybe if I were someone else, I will see me the way they see me, 
Maybe if I were someone else, I will understand me how they understand me. 

Maybe if I were someone else, I will do things differently, 
But I am not someone else, I guess I will have to find another way. 




I search for something I cannot find, 
As my heart yearn for someone I cannot have. 

Like the Journey from the East to the West, 
Though it seem so close, yet it is so far. 

Though you be as far as the Sun is from the Earth, 
And it may take an eternity to get to you, 
One hope that keeps me going, 
And the thought that keeps me company is, 

Maybe not today or tomorrow, 
But Someday
I will get to you. 



I wish you could see me grow, 

The way you wanted me to. 

I wish you could see me smile, 

The way you taught me how to smile. 

I miss you talks, 

That sounds so childish at first but makes a lot if sense as you continue. 

And your voice, 

That makes my heart stop like it is falling into me again. 
You were something special. 



Answer This Simple Question. 

What do you believe in? 

Random Thoughts.

The End. 

These 366 days have been a journey, and yes, the end is here. 

I don’t know if I can classify this year as a success or somewhat challenging, but one thing I do know of a truth is that, it has been a fun and an eventful year. With everything I have learned and taught, collected and given, accomplished and lost, I must say, I am really grateful for everything. 

But very importantly, I am much grateful for everyone who had been a reason for me to smile. To everyone who had been a part of my journey this year, I do love you all. 

To those who followed my blog, I love you. To those who read whatever article I posted, I really appreciate you. To those who liked it, I am very grateful. To those who commented on any of my post, really, my heart goes out to you, you have been amazing. And yes, to those who did non of the above, seriously, I still love you, and I hope we forge a relationship later in the future. 

The year is over, and the end is here, but what we have learned and gotten will never been forgotten. 

From my heart, I love you all. 


How Do I Love You? 

How do I love you

With this heart of mine? 

What do I bring in

Befitting only for you? 
How do I love you

With love for no other? 

What words do I sing

Only for your praise? 

How do I love you

And stay true? 

To worship

With heartbeats meant for you. 

How do I love you

In the midst of the crowd? 

Making every moment with you

An enchanting memory to cherish.

How do I still love you

When there are no more ways to make you smile? 

How do I still please you

When time and life are done and are gone? 

A song I was writing which turned out to be a poem.