The Curse. 

Everyone knows,
Yet, nobody cares.

Everyone is watching,
Fail or succeed,
They are all looking.

Nobody dares help,
It’s your burden, your cross.

A chance to prove yourself,
A time to silence the critics,
A moment to learn,
A new beginning to grow.

This time, take control,
Control of your situations,
Control of your tomorrow.

Be who you dreamt of while you were little,

And above all,
Be who you are proud of. 


I search for something I cannot find, 
As my heart yearn for someone I cannot have. 

Like the Journey from the East to the West, 
Though it seem so close, yet it is so far. 

Though you be as far as the Sun is from the Earth, 
And it may take an eternity to get to you, 
One hope that keeps me going, 
And the thought that keeps me company is, 

Maybe not today or tomorrow, 
But Someday
I will get to you. 


The value of peace can truly be appreciated through the furnace of wars, and most times, the value of a man’s identity is born out of the embers of chaos. 

©Ezekiel Godsfavour 2017 

The Rays Of Love. 

How caring are the eyes of those who love, 

And how bright are the eyes of those they love. 

How calm are the smiles of those who love, 

And how wide are the smiles of those they love. 

How light are the hearts of those who love, 

And how warm are the hearts of those they love. 

How soft are the hands of those who love, 

And how strong they make the hands of those they love. 

The Sun never goes down on these two people, 

Neither does the Moon fail to light their paths. 

They don’t need the whole world to remember them, 

Just one heart, and one life are all they need to exist. 

-Godsfavour ©2017 

Answer This Simple Question. 

What do you believe in? 

The Past. 

Embrace your past. Forgive your past. Accept what have been, but don’t let it stop what must be. 

Ezekiel Godsfavour ©2017 

Dreams and Folly. 

​I had a dream. 

I had a dream where I had it all, I had a dream where I conquered all. 

I had a dream where life and love were as bright as the daylight, 

I had a dream where my heart knew no pain. 

I had a dream where my words were the healing of nations, I had a dream to inspire and to uplift. 

But I once had a dream. 

People say, “Don’t dream too big, for it could spell doom to the heart when tomorrow’s fails to come.”

People say, “And if you must dream at all, always create a room for disappointment, this way, your heart will know no pain when the day becomes night.”

But seriously, what sort of life is that? To hope for the best, but expecting the worst to come. 

How can we choose to live with the fear that what we want will never come, and what we expect will never be? 

Then why hope at all? Then why expect in the first place?

It such a Folly to wish for something you have doubts of ever having. Why have hope for a thing when at the end of the day you become pessimistic about its reality? 

Such kind of living is depressing. 

So, do you have a dream, wait for it; though time be long, and the days seem far, the reality of our dreams will come through and true, if our hearts faints not.