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The Curse. 

Everyone knows,
Yet, nobody cares.

Everyone is watching,
Fail or succeed,
They are all looking.

Nobody dares help,
It’s your burden, your cross.

A chance to prove yourself,
A time to silence the critics,
A moment to learn,
A new beginning to grow.

This time, take control,
Control of your situations,
Control of your tomorrow.

Be who you dreamt of while you were little,

And above all,
Be who you are proud of. 



This have I learnt, hold tenaciously to nothing, but be your own happiness. For after everyone is done and gone, you alone will still be here.

©Ezekiel Godsfavour 2017 



The night was cold and silent as the clock slowly crawled to twenty three. The heavens laid bare without its tiny little sparkles hanging around it and no sooner was the corner of my street invaded by the notorious band of silence.

As loud as it could sound, I heard clearly the footsteps of nothing and the pounding of my heart competed with every stride it took. A stream of hot sweat ran freely down the nape of my neck and in a short while, maybe too long, I realized what I feared, I was alone. The onslaught of the cold wind left my once guarded mind susceptible to creepy thoughts and not too long did my scary imaginations begin to take form. To think she would stay forever was a false truth and happily ever after is a false hope.

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