The Curse Of Truth: What Is Your Truth? 

Every story have got two sides to it, and it is not about which of it is true or false. Every coin have got two different sides to it, and this is not about choosing which side is the head or tail. Every day have got two parts to it, and this is not about the reality of the morning and evening, but in all, it is a question of what you believe.

Don’t get too confused over this because, believe me, life is very simple. And as crazy and unexperienced I may seem right now, the fact is every story has two sides to it, and they are your truth and the other truth. No lies involved.

Okay, let’s see.

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The Sinner The Judge And The Jury. 


I got a call late last night; I can’t correctly remember what time it was, but the full moon that hung across the dark sky shone unhindered as silence reigned unperturbed. The wind blew softly as my eyes searched the entire heavens for a star, I was thinking about someone.

The buzz of my phone returned me to consciousness, just in time for me to retire to bed, prompting a big smile to hang at the corner of my lips. I was thinking about her.

Taking a brief pause, I exhaled heavily before answering the phone,

“Hey Blue, (not her real name) how are you?”

Truthfully, I was expecting a response so refreshing and soothing because this was someone I had been thinking about, but what I got made me quake in my boots as my body stiffened, causing my heart to skip a beat. Her voice was laced with heaviness, and I could sense the curly tentacles of regrets and remorse swirling around her breath as she asked me the most cryptic question I swear I  won’t ever wish to hear again.

“Enddy”, she began, “How will you feel if you find out that everything you think you knew about me had been a lie?”

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