While It Lasts….



The weight and the pain,
The hurt and the tears,
The night and the terrors,
A lonely heart feels it all.

Time may not heal it all,
Words may not solve it all,
Success may not cover it all,
For a love lost may never be replaced

See those smiling faces,

Hear those singing voices,

Watch those dancing feet,

For they are what will be remembered when time and music stops.

So, love everyone you can,
Cherish everything you can,
Appreciate those around you today,
For you never know who may stay or leave tomorrow.

-Ezekiel Godsfavour.



Turning tirelessly on my bed,
I sought for peace I couldn’t find.
My mind, wandering from my being,
I could feel my sanity being placed on a beam.

The roof, carving in,
The four walls, closing in.
The drum beats became louder,
The nightmares became brighter.

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