The Value Of Our Existence.

To Be Loved Or To Be Trusted? Make A Choice. 

Can I ask you a question?

Have you ever been in love? Or have you ever loved someone so deeply that you swore you could capture the entire heavens as a proof of your unequivocal love?

If you have, then you know how it feels.

Now, have you ever been trusted with something so real and so special? Or have you ever trusted someone so deeply that within you, you had taken the decision to lay down your life if ever a situation demands it?

If you have, then you know how it feels.

Now to my question, (I know I have already asked 2 questions). If you have ever experienced any of these two blissful encounters, and at some point in life you are given only one option to choose out of these two choices, To Be Loved Or To Be Trusted, where will your answer swing to? 

To be loved or To be trusted? Make a decision. 




I search for something I cannot find, 
As my heart yearn for someone I cannot have. 

Like the Journey from the East to the West, 
Though it seem so close, yet it is so far. 

Though you be as far as the Sun is from the Earth, 
And it may take an eternity to get to you, 
One hope that keeps me going, 
And the thought that keeps me company is, 

Maybe not today or tomorrow, 
But Someday
I will get to you. 


The Rays Of Love. 

How caring are the eyes of those who love, 

And how bright are the eyes of those they love. 

How calm are the smiles of those who love, 

And how wide are the smiles of those they love. 

How light are the hearts of those who love, 

And how warm are the hearts of those they love. 

How soft are the hands of those who love, 

And how strong they make the hands of those they love. 

The Sun never goes down on these two people, 

Neither does the Moon fail to light their paths. 

They don’t need the whole world to remember them, 

Just one heart, and one life are all they need to exist. 

-Godsfavour ©2017 

Random Thoughts.

The End. 

These 366 days have been a journey, and yes, the end is here. 

I don’t know if I can classify this year as a success or somewhat challenging, but one thing I do know of a truth is that, it has been a fun and an eventful year. With everything I have learned and taught, collected and given, accomplished and lost, I must say, I am really grateful for everything. 

But very importantly, I am much grateful for everyone who had been a reason for me to smile. To everyone who had been a part of my journey this year, I do love you all. 

To those who followed my blog, I love you. To those who read whatever article I posted, I really appreciate you. To those who liked it, I am very grateful. To those who commented on any of my post, really, my heart goes out to you, you have been amazing. And yes, to those who did non of the above, seriously, I still love you, and I hope we forge a relationship later in the future. 

The year is over, and the end is here, but what we have learned and gotten will never been forgotten. 

From my heart, I love you all. 


How Do I Love You? 

How do I love you

With this heart of mine? 

What do I bring in

Befitting only for you? 
How do I love you

With love for no other? 

What words do I sing

Only for your praise? 

How do I love you

And stay true? 

To worship

With heartbeats meant for you. 

How do I love you

In the midst of the crowd? 

Making every moment with you

An enchanting memory to cherish.

How do I still love you

When there are no more ways to make you smile? 

How do I still please you

When time and life are done and are gone? 

A song I was writing which turned out to be a poem. 


Theory Of The Ripple Effect: We Are All Connected. 

I I took a walk down the street and found a young man who was weak. The countenance of his face was like a cloud of darkness hovering around a raging sea, and with the way he sat, hands over his head, I knew he had a troubled heart.

I had a place I was heading to, but something in me wouldn’t let me take another step, so I stood and watched, hoping I might learn what life wanted to teach.

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