To Be Loved Or To Be Trusted? Make A Choice. 

Can I ask you a question?

Have you ever been in love? Or have you ever loved someone so deeply that you swore you could capture the entire heavens as a proof of your unequivocal love?

If you have, then you know how it feels.

Now, have you ever been trusted with something so real and so special? Or have you ever trusted someone so deeply that within you, you had taken the decision to lay down your life if ever a situation demands it?

If you have, then you know how it feels.

Now to my question, (I know I have already asked 2 questions). If you have ever experienced any of these two blissful encounters, and at some point in life you are given only one option to choose out of these two choices, To Be Loved Or To Be Trusted, where will your answer swing to? 

To be loved or To be trusted? Make a decision. 


Random Thoughts.

Who Are You? 

The Sun was quite honest the other day, so it wasn’t a big surprise that the room temperature was a bit warmer than usual, and to top it all, the sea of voices that flowed all around did not help its cause. I had stepped into the crowded room, feeling a bit nervous about being surrounded by so many unfamiliar faces, but as much as I hated it, I found the urge to stay, and if I was staying, I thought, I do probably get myself lost in the myriads of strange faces. Unlike most people, I find solace in my solitude, even though close friends have begged me to explore and connect more often with people, I just find it more relaxing to observe from a distance; and here I was, not too comfortable with my surrounding, but for some other reason, I decided to stay in the midst of the crowded room, remaining anonymous, I sat all to myself.

If there is any question I am afraid of being asked, is the one a young man asked me, probably because he saw how I refrained from socializing with people around.

“Excuse me, who are you?” the young man asked, as his husky voice distorted my thoughts.

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Godsfavour Ezekiel
Random Thoughts.

To Choose Or Not To Choose.

The wind blew gently and suddenly, my fears crept upon me. The day was done with its duties, the night stood ready to take over, and once again, I wished I had chance to choose to act differently.

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Focus., Random Thoughts.


So the past few weeks has been quite hazy and I could literally feel my head quake just from doing nothing.
I had plans, like so many plans, huge plans, yet for some incomprehensible reasons, I found myself on the verge of not achieving any and I thought to myself, damn, I must be on the verge of becoming insane.

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