When Identity Is Lost.

Alas, for the earth is broken,
And the world is bent out of shape,
The mighty eats grass,
And the weaklings go hungry.
The young men sit in defeat,
And the women dance in shame,
For what the elders gravely feared,
Was now fulfilled upon all flesh.

Who is he with the understanding of himself,
Or with an indepth knowledge of his power,
For when a prince fails to recognize his place,
Even the bravest of gods can’t help his generations.

Alas, for we are done and gone,
We have lost our path and wandered in the dark,
Our birthright have we traded with our sanity,
And our identity for a rousing ovation.

But I hear the almighty say,
And heard his voice thundered in the clouds,
Woe to the sons of earth,
And woe to the daughters to of the nations.

For I have said, ye are gods,
And have made you kings in your lands,
But without understanding have you lived,
Surely, like mere men will you fall before the crowd.


The Curse Of Trust 

So I was thinking if I should share this with you now or wait till my book gets published. Well, I guess I have made my decision already.

Here is a summarized piece of a chapter from my book soon to be published; I really hope you will get the book when it is finally out. (Though it is quite lengthy, I tried my best to reduce it as much as I could). Enjoy this one, and please don’t forget to leave a comment. Much love.

Tell me, What is the biggest burden a man can ever place on you? And What can be so scary and so heavy that you dread to take it on your fragile shoulders? Tell me, What can it be?

Take a moment to think.

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The value of peace can truly be appreciated through the furnace of wars, and most times, the value of a man’s identity is born out of the embers of chaos. 

©Ezekiel Godsfavour 2017 


You Are No Mistake. 

Good What’s the earth population today? Over 6 or 7 billion people, right? Now that’s very impressive, and also very intimidating.

Now, have you ever sat down and wondered if your existence is of any importance or relevance to the human race, or have you wondered if are you just a pile of dust, floating about with the wind of uncertainty, accepting whatever comes and whatever life gives? Have you wondered if there are souls out there, somewhere appreciating life for having you? Or are you just another face to walk this brown earth and probably on a countdown to the day you will bid farewell?

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The Beauty In Chaos.


I stood by the graveside as I watched a sixteen year old girl erupt in tears over the early demise of her parents. Sobbing uncontrollably, she buried her head in the embrace of a family friend, as she emptied the contents of her heart in tears, without words, probably wishing she could join them on their journey of no return. Having been where she was, and by now a little more familiar with the process of dealing with the pains of losing someone, I could totally understand what she felt. Words wouldn’t be enough to quantify the catastrophic effects it had on Her.
But I could only smile because I once knew this lady.

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The Voice and The Desert.


It was the best of days and best of times, as her face, ever so bright, set ablaze the dark corners of the house. She had the smoothest skin, I could recall, and her well carved teeth, through her perfect smile, competed with the glittering stars of the night.

The sound of her footsteps, like the heart beats of a smiling god, reverberated the entire building and the foundations of the earth were made glad with her gentle strides. Her touch was like the comfort of a thousand pillows and whenever she wrapped her arms around me, I felt like drowning in her essence.

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