The Curse Of Truth: What Is Your Truth? 

Every story have got two sides to it, and it is not about which of it is true or false. Every coin have got two different sides to it, and this is not about choosing which side is the head or tail. Every day have got two parts to it, and this is not about the reality of the morning and evening, but in all, it is a question of what you believe.

Don’t get too confused over this because, believe me, life is very simple. And as crazy and unexperienced I may seem right now, the fact is every story has two sides to it, and they are your truth and the other truth. No lies involved.

Okay, let’s see.

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When we let others see the beauty of themselves through our eyes, we create the opportunity to see our own beauty through their eyes 

-Ezekiel Godsfavour ©2017 


Today may not be the day your life changes, but make everyday an opportunity for it to happen. 

©Ezekiel Godsfavour 2017

The Strongest Of Them All. 

I want to ask you a quick question, please indulge me.

Tell me, who are the strongest people on earth? Who are those with the ability to face any storm and the darkness, like waves after waves, that comes crashing in? Enlighten me, who are those with the highest level of stability and strength?

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The Right Kind Of Wrong. 

Tell me, what is the first thing that comes out of our mouths when we see someone close to us in a very terrible position? Maybe a friend, a colleague, or a loved one stuck in somewhat an impossible mess, and they look to us for answers. Tell me, what are the right words to say?

You see, all it takes is the splinter of a second for people’s lives to fall to shreds, for dreams to be squashed, hope eviscerated, and hearts broken. Most times, some may not even know of the amount of shit stored in their bodies and lives, and all it requires is just one wrong moment or a piece of bad news to uncover the blind. And at this point, they look on us for the right words.  Continue reading

Our Strength, Our Curse. 

Have you ever been in that position where it is almost impossible to improve, not because you are being overcome by some insurmountable challenge, but rather because you know you are finally good at what you do? Or have you ever asked yourself, why bother put in all your 80% just to achieve the remaining 20%?
The truth is, it is hard to see any improvement when we finally attain the zenith of our strengths,simply because  we are already good at what we do.

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Who Are You? 

The Sun was quite honest the other day, so it wasn’t a big surprise that the room temperature was a bit warmer than usual, and to top it all, the sea of voices that flowed all around did not help its cause. I had stepped into the crowded room, feeling a bit nervous about being surrounded by so many unfamiliar faces, but as much as I hated it, I found the urge to stay, and if I was staying, I thought, I do probably get myself lost in the myriads of strange faces. Unlike most people, I find solace in my solitude, even though close friends have begged me to explore and connect more often with people, I just find it more relaxing to observe from a distance; and here I was, not too comfortable with my surrounding, but for some other reason, I decided to stay in the midst of the crowded room, remaining anonymous, I sat all to myself.

If there is any question I am afraid of being asked, is the one a young man asked me, probably because he saw how I refrained from socializing with people around.

“Excuse me, who are you?” the young man asked, as his husky voice distorted my thoughts.

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