While It Lasts….



The weight and the pain,
The hurt and the tears,
The night and the terrors,
A lonely heart feels it all.

Time may not heal it all,
Words may not solve it all,
Success may not cover it all,
For a love lost may never be replaced

See those smiling faces,

Hear those singing voices,

Watch those dancing feet,

For they are what will be remembered when time and music stops.

So, love everyone you can,
Cherish everything you can,
Appreciate those around you today,
For you never know who may stay or leave tomorrow.

-Ezekiel Godsfavour.



​I have two simple rules when it comes to this; Act like tomorrow doesn’t  exist, and plan like there is a tomorrow. This way, if tomorrow fails to comes, at least I know, I never left anything undone. 


Monday’s Quotes. 

​But tomorrow is not just the day after today, in fact, tomorrow is just a concept of reality, created by the wind of uncertainty, the movement of the clock hand and a change in sky and weather. Tomorrow is an idea in our head which makes us believe that a day is coming, different from the present, where we get to see the results of our choices and the decisions we make, but one scary truth is, for some of us, our tomorrow could be yesterday. For some, our tomorrow could be the next minute, for some, our tomorrow may never come, and for some, our tomorrow could be  forever. 

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The Beauty Of Uncertainty And The Curse Of Tomorrow. 

What if we have all the answers to our questions? What if our inner doubts are silenced by all the right answers? What if we have a chance to see tomorrow and the end of it? Or what if we have the chance to know what we become at the end of the day? Tell me, will it be enough? Will it be satisfying to know the end of our peregrination and where all our struggles will lead to? Or are we going to end up not wishing we had known? Or hate the fact that we even thought about it?  Continue reading “The Beauty Of Uncertainty And The Curse Of Tomorrow. “

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When Home Is Far Away. 

OMost times, I wish I could control the end of my journey, 

But most times, it feels like I wander about with the wind of uncertainty. 

The Sun do not always set where it journeyed from, 

But unlike it, I find myself being led by the hands of a broken compass. 

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