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It Goes On…….!


Wow! it’s really been a while since i wrote anything here, i must confess, and while i may have a genuine reason for that, i sincerely apologise for going off the grid just like that.

Well, it really have been crazy and busy these past few days, coupled with me trying to complete my book, which by God’s grace and help, will be published this year, (yes, i said it, I am writing a book, yaaahhh!!!) and other time consuming matters, i must confess, i really do miss this place. And just in case you are reading this, and you are a publisher, or you know a very good publisher, please get in touch with me, I will so love to have a conversation with you.

So, let’s go into what we have for today.

Life doesn’t start with you, neither does it end with you.

Think about this, before you were, there have been, and after you, there will still be. Now this may seem a little bit crazy and scary because we may be tempted to question the value and importance of our existence and ask questions like, ‘Am I really important’? Or ‘Why then was i created’?

Well, the beautiful truth is, You are very important, You are Priceless, You are Valuable, but the worth of your existence can only be measured with what you inspire in others even after you have gone.

Believe me, You won’t be here forever, inasmuch as we wish we could stay even when time is no more, but the hard truth is, at some point, you will leave, everyone will leave, and it doesn’t matter how much we believe we have invested in a place, we all have to leave, and after we have gone, life will still continue.

The question we must begin to ask ourselves is, ‘What do I do with the time i have’?

You may not have the power to control what had been before you, but you do have every opportunity to decide what happens after you are gone. What you do with the limited time you have will determine what is said of you.

Think of it, what will you inspire when you are no more? because you will leave.


Tuesday Quote. 

Separate yourself from the crowd. Chase your dreams. Those who don’t understand your silence will hate and misjudge you, but at the end of the day, the result will tell the full story. 

©Ezekiel Godsfavour 2017. 


Self Worth. 

The moment you find yourself in a position where you have constantly prove your worth to those who are around you, just know, you have begun to lose value. 


The Strongest Of Them All. 

I want to ask you a quick question, please indulge me.

Tell me, who are the strongest people on earth? Who are those with the ability to face any storm and the darkness, like waves after waves, that comes crashing in? Enlighten me, who are those with the highest level of stability and strength?

Do you have an idea? Please feel free to unlock my mind from this cage of thought, but before you do, hear me out.  Continue reading “The Strongest Of Them All. “

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Time: Friend or Foe? 


I was reading one of mine favorably blogs, eyesfrombehind and the writer did ask a question that anyone and everyone could easily answer without giving it much thought, but in when pondered on, we become so careful with our answers. In her original words,

In all of man’s extraordinary exploits — the advent of electricity, medicines, airplanes amongst others…we are yet to find a way to conquer, control or even contain Time. Time slips away from us, making us all its unwilling yet humble captives. Our lives depend on it, we work according to where it chooses to take us. Sometimes we don’t even have enough of it, other times it just seems to prolong its stay. We are trapped in its predictable chains, under its propelling force, and all of our desires and achievements are subject to its strong hold. We can not defeat time; its power is beyond things imaginable, the least we could do is try to manage it. 

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Remembering the first day I made a conscious decision to be a writer; I wish you could have seen the inside of my head, it was lit up with crazy ideas brighter than the Fourth of July. My goodness, I made plans, like so many plans, I scribbled down ideas and practically drew the future on a piece of paper. At times, I would stay up throughout the night, conjuring plots, articles, twists and every other thing I could think of, because I wanted to be the best writer to grace this brown earth. Bought a lot of diaries, created an impressive catalog of what I wanted to achieve, had a timetable I was willing to work with, spent most of my time in solitude, and denied myself some comforts. I did all these because I felt it was what I was meant to do; inspire the world with my pen and paper.

But something happened to me.  Continue reading “Chains. “


The Beauty In Chaos.


I stood by the graveside as I watched a sixteen year old girl erupt in tears over the early demise of her parents. Sobbing uncontrollably, she buried her head in the embrace of a family friend, as she emptied the contents of her heart in tears, without words, probably wishing she could join them on their journey of no return. Having been where she was, and by now a little more familiar with the process of dealing with the pains of losing someone, I could totally understand what she felt. Words wouldn’t be enough to quantify the catastrophic effects it had on Her.
But I could only smile because I once knew this lady.

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